Bring it on 2014!

Another late post. Sorry.. :(

We celebrated our New Year’s countdown at my parent’s house; it is our tradition to be with them on the 1st day of the year. Although we didn't welcome 2014 in our rented house, we still prepare foods for good fortune.

Our Cake
Happy New Year!

My dad fetch us around 10pm, dapat mas maaga kaya lang we still need to fix our things in our house. As soon as we arrived, my mom and mother-in-law suggest giving them a photographic shot. Sila na ang mahilig sa picture. Hehe.

My Mother-In-Law and Mommy

Together with my husband, sister, mother-in-law and other relatives, we went outside to witness the fireworks. Di kami mahilig magpaputok kaya lusis lang ang binili ng tatay ko. Haha.

My younger sister - JM!
My Family ♥ 
Happy New Year! 

At exactly 12am of January 1, 2014 my husband kissed me and say “Happy New Year Honey, Happy New Year Baby, Iloveyou!”. Waaahhh.. So sweet!

After watching fireworks, together with my whole family we had our media noche. Sad to say, we don’t have any photos of the whole clan, busy sa pagkain  and pag agaw ng coins eh. 

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