Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Our Baby @ 26 weeks and 4 days

Last Saturday, I had another ultrasound to check for my baby’s development and happy to say that everything is okay. Thank You Lord.

Summary of my latest ultrasound:

Average Ultrasound Age: 26 weeks and 4 days
Expected Date of Delivery: January 28, 2014
Estimated Fetal Weight: 890 grams (1 lb 15 oz)
Fetal Heart Rate: 140 beats per minute
Presentation: Variable
Placenta: Anterior, High-Lying, Grade 2
Amniotic Fludi: AF Index – 12.0cm
Gender: GIRL!

We arrived at MMC around 10:30am and there are lot of people (pregnant women) in the ultrasound room and waiting area. This is not new to us and we already expect that so we have no choice but to wait for my turn. After 1 hour and half, finally my name was called so I immediately proceed to the ultrasound room. At first, I’m so scared and excited at the same time, I keep on praying that everything will be okay, my OB request for my husband to be with me during the procedure. At least kahit papano di na ko kakabahan.

When my OB started to put a gel on my tummy and begin the test, my heart beats fast. As in parang humaharurot sa pag tibok, kc after a month makikita ko ulit si baby. I got teary eyed when I saw my baby’s face, waahhh.. ang laki na talaga nya.. Yun nga lang, what funny is that my baby turn’s back when my OB conducted the 4D scan, as in sumilip lang sya then siniksik nya yung mukha nya sa tyan ko para magtago.. Shy type si baby.. Hehe.. Now, I realized that you never understand life, until it grows inside you.

Look, here is the only picture that my husband captured. Kasi naman, sobrang naexcite si hubby makita si baby, nanginig habang nag tatake ng photos, sayang 1 lang nakunan nya, blurred pa and nakatalikod pa si baby. Waahhh.. But seriously speaking, as I saw my baby’s 4D pictures I can’t explain what I really feel that time. I saw my baby’s eyes, nose, lips, ears even the times when she opens her mouth. I saw her legs, her arms, her head, as in whole baby. I smile when my husband says, “ Naku, bilugan ang mukha ni baby” meaning nakuha nya sakin yung shape ng mukha ni baby.. Kilig much! And what makes me laugh that time is when my OB told me na super galaw nya while doing the procedures, naku halos mawiwi nga ko eh kasi galaw sya ng galaw, and I’m so happy to know na healthy and super duper active si baby.

As of this moment, I can feel my baby’s kicks all the times. As in kahit na nasa office ako, sumisipa na sya, before kasi around 11:30pm-12:30am sya madalas gising, but now kahit na nakatayo ako, I can sense her. Well, yun naman ang sabi ng OB, the more I feel my baby’s movement, the better.

Thank You Lord for giving us the most wonderful gift ever, our healthy baby girl. I will be forever grateful to you for all the blessings that we received. Please keep us safe all the time.