Top 10 things I really miss about pre-baby/pregnant life

Due to bed weather, all I want is to stay with our bed and curl up with my husband and our baby all day. As in ayaw ko ng tumayo, gusto ko lang humiga ng humiga at matulog. Then, I realize that I really miss doing the things that I always do before I got pregnant. I know having a baby changes everything and I wouldn't give up motherhood for anything in the world but the truth is, there are things I miss about my pre-pregnancy life, promise after I gave birth with our little princess next year magagawa ko ulit sya. Hehe.

10. Wearing High-Heels, Shorts and Jeans

Once you got pregnant, you are not allowed to wear high heels. May possibility kasi na matapilok ka or madulas ka which is not good to your baby. Ever since I got pregnant I always wear flat shoes, sandals or rubber slippers to prevent myself from falling. Mas maganda ng nag iingat kesa nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

I also miss wearing shorts and jeans during our date or kahit papasok sa office. Di na sila kasya because of my growing tummy plus di pwedeng naiipit or nasisikipan si baby so what I always wear is leggings or dress.

9. Whole Body Massage

Ian and I really love to go at the spa because this is our way of bonding. We also want to relax and remove all our stress and “lamig” in our body so usually every other month, we pay visit Wensha in Pasay or The Spa in Greenbelt. Nowadays, I suffer back pains and muscle pains because of my pregnancy and since I am not allowed for a whole body massage, my husband touches my back and smoothly massages it.

8. Biking

My husband’s early Christmas gift last year was a pair of bike. One for him and one for me, this is our exercise every weekend. We also use our bike whenever we visit my family on the other barangay, during our shopping spree every Saturday or whenever we want to stroll around the area. I really don’t know if biking is not allowed for pregnant woman but my parents don’t allow me to use it not until I gave birth. Mahirap na daw baka matumba ako or something and because I know that mother’s knows best, I follow her nalang.

7. Window Shopping (Mall Hopping)

I really miss doing this thing, as in super duper namimiss ko na sya. Although sometimes we go to the mall, iba parin yung dati. Kasi dati kahit na 5 oras kaming naglalakad paikot ikot sa mall, keribells ko lang but now, oh no! parang ilang minutes palang napapagod na ko ang tumitigas na tyan ko.. Huhu. In the end, we just need to stop for a while and eat in the restaurant then uwi na. In fact, would you believe na almost 3 months na kong di nakakadaan ng Glorietta or Landmark! That’s impossible! Waahh..

6. Dancing using XBOX

One thing that Ian and I really love to do during weekend is to play with our XBOX. Mapa sports man yan or dancing, game na game kami until midnight. It is also one of our exercise kasi, magpapawis kahit nasa loob lang ng bahay. Now that my baby is growing up so fast, all I can do is to watch my husband while dancing or playing with our XBOX.. Gustuhin ko man sumayaw at magkikilos, di pwede.. Huhu. Baka mapano pa si baby..

5. Hanging out with friends

I miss does times I spent with my friends in the bar without worrying about my wonderful baby inside my tummy. When I got married, my husband allows me to spend a night with my girlfriends and having fun all night, but when we found out that I am pregnant we decided to limit my sleepless night with them for the sake of our baby. Dinner pwede, pero after dinner I need to go home na to take some rest or else maninigas na naman tyan ko nyan.

4. Eat at Buffet Restaurant

If you’re an avid fan of this blog, you already have an idea that Ian and I really love to eat, as in super love naming kumain ng kumain. One of our favorite buffet restaurants is Yakimix, sinusulit talaga namin yung bayad dun kaya kahit magstay kami ng 2-3 hours inside the restaurant, okay lang as long as lafang  kami ng lafang.. Hehe. But now, my OB advise me to undergo strict diet because I am almost overweight (huhu), I need to control my food intake, as in ½ cup of rice lang for morning, lunch and dinner. Before I got pregnant, I can eat at least 2 cups of rice. Can you imagine that? Para talaga akong construction worker kung kumain before, but now for the sake of my baby I need to control myself and just concentrate with half rice and crackers.

3. Chocolates and Junk Foods (Chichiria)

Huhu. I really miss Chocolates and Junk Foods, as in naglalaway na ko sa kanila. Being pregnant you need extra care not only for yourself but also for the baby. You need to monitor your sugar intake to prevent gestational diabetes which is common to pregnant woman. I’m done with this test and happy to say that my sugar level is normal, but it doesn’t mean that I am allowed to take chocolates, remember I need to undergo STRICT diet and my OB advise me to refrain from eating sweets and too salty. Okay, I need to be honest with you guys… Sometimes or most of the time I ate lots of chocolates, as in madaming madami.. We have chocolate stocks in our house from my in-laws in US and ice cream is always on our list in grocery. Hhhmm.. maswerte na twice a month merong 1 gallon of ice cream sa ref. Chichiria is also bad for pregnant, but I can’t help myself from not eating chichiria once in a while. Ika nga nila di naman masama kung bihira lang. Hehe. Promise, next year kakain ako ng maraming chocolates and chichiria pambawi lang sa 9 months kong pagtitiis. Hehe.

photos from my ig @rnvillareal

2. Running

Aside from biking, running is also our sports together. In fact during our gf/bf stage we always participate in any running event in BGC and MOA kaya nga lahat ng pambahay naming damit eh puro singlet from the marathon that we joined. Ganon kami ka addict nun sa pagtakbo! We already tried 5k and 10k, our next target is to join in 16km run but for now bawal muna ako sa pagtakbo. Hello, san ka ba nakakita ng buntis na tumatakbo? Haha.  Hopefully next year, makapag register ulit kami sa marathon but this time kasama na namin si baby rhian.. Ooopppss. Syempre nasa stroller lang sya.. Hehe.

1. Out of Town

Last but not the least, I really miss to travel. Huhu. Alam nyo naman na super duper love namin mag asawa ang mag explore ng iba’t ibang lugar both in the Philippines and other countries. As far as I remember, the last time we take a trip together was in Davao last March this year with my husband’s officemates and friends. I know we need to save our money in preparation for our little princess to come on January 2014 and we know na next year mas masarap ng mag  travel because kasama na namin si baby. Unting tiis nalang and lalarga na ulit sila Mr. and Mrs. Villareal. Hehe. Seriously speaking, we need to cancel our Vietnam-Cambodia trip next year to give way for our little princess, mas importante syempre si baby kesa sa trip na yun. Happy to say that Cebu Pacific allow us to rebook our flight at least 3 months from the original date of our trip, so pwede namin syang magamit on our 2nd wedding anniversary. Wohooo!!!

But for now, I need to have more patience and control myself for these things for the sake of our baby. I know it’s all worth it as long as our baby is healthy, magtitiis muna ako, plus I love sniggling with my hubby everyday.. Aawww.. so sweet!