Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Daddy’s Love

The moment we found out that I’m pregnant, my husband is the one who really in state of shock. As in para syang na star struck! Hehe. He treats me like a queen and became meticulous when it comes to my health and actions. Honestly, sometimes I felt that I’m not pregnant, magaan kc si baby minsan so kung kumilos ako parang di ako buntis, then all of a sudden my husband told me to be extra careful on my movements because our baby might got hurt. Super duper strict si daddy.. Hehe.

Until one day, my baby response to her daddy’s question. I got shocked when my baby kicked me so hard, as in napasigaw ako nun sa lakas. Happily, my husband felt our baby’s movement for the first time. We were both happy because we know that our baby is listening to us. It’s an amazing and wonderful feeling ever! Can you imagine, inside my tummy is a healthy baby girl which is the fruit of our love. I really thank God for giving us the greatest gift of all, our little bundle of joy and happiness.

Sorry mali si hubby na nailagay, instead of #5M (5 months), #5W ang nailagay nya.. Hehe.

I want to share with you our everyday routine:
  • When we wake up, the first thing that my husband will do is to give me a good morning kiss and then he will kiss my tummy while saying “Good Morning Baby!” How sweet!
  • Before I rode on a cab, my husband will give me another kiss, hold my tummy while saying “Yngat kayo baby, love you!”
  • As my husband arrived at home, he will kiss me and my tummy then whispered “Musta baby ko? Napagod ba kayo ni mommy?”
  • Every time we just sit and relax at our sala while watching our favorite teleserye, my husband always touches my belly then our baby kick with her little feet or I guess punch my tummy with her little hands. Nasa tyan ko palang si baby rhian, nakikipaglaro na sa daddy nya.
  • Even before we sleep my husband always talk to my baby while cuddling my tummy; priceless moment that I ever seen every night - my husband and my little girl bonding moment. #tearyeyes
  • While sleeping, my husband always put his hands on my tummy. Kahit na minsan nabibigatan na ko, okay lang as long as di sumasakit tyan ko ayos lang, meaning gusto ni baby na yakap sya ni daddy nya.

Now, since I’m 23 weeks pregnant with our little girl, I can feel her kicks more often. Lumalaki narin kasi sya and what more exciting is that whenever my husband walks into the room, our baby knows he’s there and starts kicking away. Para bang nagtatatalon sa tuwa kaya ang resulta, palagi akong nawi-wiwi. Hihi.

I can tell the world how happy I am to be my husband’s wife. Super ramdam ko ang excitement ni hubby sa pagdating ni baby, especially na girl ang baby namin. Don’t worry honey, soon makikita mo narin si baby rhian and makakapaglaro narin kayo and for you baby rhian, I can assure you na paglabas mo super spoiled ka kay daddy mo, remember baby Daddy's girl ka kaya and nasa tyan palang kita super strict na si daddy, what more pa pag lumabas ka na..

Dear readers, tell me sino kayang kahawig ni baby rhian? Ako or si Ian? Hehe.