Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Congenital Anomaly Scan

This is it! Finally, I’m done with my CAS last Wednesday and Thank God for the positive and good result. Sharing with you guys the story about my CAS experience. Well, nakahinga kami ng maluwag ni hubby although we still need to go back after one month for another ultrasound.

Congenital Anomaly Scan or CAS is a more detailed scan which is often done from 22-24th week of pregnancy to check if the baby is developing normally. In other words, this ultrasound takes a closer look (detailed) at your baby every parts of his/her body and also the sonologist look at where the placenta is lying in your uterus. The procedure only lasted for less than 20-30 minutes. Well, this procedure is purely optional for expectant parents. But since this is our 1st baby, we decided to push through with this kind of test.

I was schedule for CAS ultrasound last Monday but the heavy rain started to fall and it didn't stop, so we decided to cancel and reschedule it some other day. I texted my OB about the situation and she advise me to come back on Wednesday morning. I call MMC for the new schedule and luckily there is one available slot on that day.

We arrived at Makati Med by 10:30am and surprisingly there’s no long queue of people inside the ultrasound room. The nurses accommodate us even though our schedule is 11am. As their standard procedure, only patients are allowed inside the ultrasound room not unless you’re pregnant and once the doctor advises the nurse to call your companion. I was instructed to lie-down in bed, relax and elevate my dress. That very moment, I’m so nervous and excited at the same time; there are lots of things that comes to my mind. I can’t control myself but to keep on praying and hopeful that everything would be okay.

As my doctor started to do the scan and hearing those words from her, my eyes literally lit up. It’s like waiting for the result of your final exam whether you passed or failed. As in lakas ng pintig ng puso ko..

Dr. Bustos – Nose - seen, Lips-seen, Palate-see, chin-seen………
Me – Thank God! (Breath out)
Dr. Bustos – Right hand –seen, Left hand-seen, Right foot-seen, Left foot-seen……..
Me – Thank God! (Breath out)

Sorry for the blurred photo, naexcite kc si hubby makita sa mismong screen si baby kaya di nya napansin nahawakan maiigi yung cp. ^_^

It was really fascinating to see my baby's eyes, nose, lips, fingers, toes! OMG! Buo na talaga sya and can you believe na nakuha nya nose nya sa daddy nya.. Super cute! My OB also showed us other parts like the 4 chamber view of the heart, the left and right kidneys, the brain, her head, her abdomen and even her genitals! Thank God everything was normal. All the parts we had to see were seen and features were intact. Our baby’s fetal weight is appropriate for gestational age, she has a good fetal heart rate which is 149 beats per minute, has a good fetal movement and lastly, no obvious gross congenital anomaly seen in this scan. Thank you Lord!

The only thing was we need to do again another pelvic ultrasound after 1 month to monitor ventricles. We really hope and pray that on our next ultrasound, the result will be normal again. Again, thank you Lord.