Happy Twenty Ninth!

To the father of my baby, I just want to say Happy Happy Birthday Honey! One more year to go, big 3-0 ka na! Anyway, I listed 29 reasons for you to be happy on your birthday. I hope it will help you realize how blessed and lucky you are. Marami rami pa nga sya actually, next time na yung iba.. Hehe.

  1. Thank God because you’re still alive and kicking!
  2. You have a stable job.
  3. You have lots of loyal and supportive friends.
  4. You got a multiple US VISA! Wohoo!!! Congrats! 10 years! 10 years old narin anak mo nun! Haha.
  5. You have your own business. (Photobooth and Cupcakes)
  6. You’re handsome. Ehem!
  7. You are very active in sports. (Basketball specifically)
  8. You are smart. Software Engineer ata asawa ko!
  9. You are talented. (Singing and Dancing.. hhhhmmmm.. pwede na.. Hehe.)
  10. You got me! Naks!
  11. You already travelled Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Ikaw na ang lalaking may nunal sa talampakan.
  12. You pay visit at Japan, HK, Macau, Singapore and KL.
  13. You are absolutely amazing!
  14. You have a strong faith in God.
  15. You have a complete and caring family.
  16. You got married at the right age.
  17. You always help the less fortunate by doing Charity works.
  18. You already have some of your dream gadgets.
  19. You respect people especially the oldies.
  20. You already tried more than a thousand restaurants.
  21.  You got your driver’s license easily.
  22. You always show how much you love me.
  23. You’re a healthy man. Kita mo naman, di ka nagkakasakit db.  
  24. Everybody loves you.
  25. I love you so much! Now and Forever!
  26. Everybody admires you for being so sweet, loyal and understanding husband.
  27. You have a very loving, understanding, adorable, sweet, sexy and pretty wife. (may angal ka?!)
  28. You are being love by the most beautiful girl in the world. (O wag ka na ulit aangal!) and last but not the least..
  29. You are now officially “Daddy” before you reach the big 3-0! Congratulations!

I have wishes for you on your special day, and I know that God will answer my prayers because he knows how much I love you.

  • I wish you good health and more birthdays to come.
  • I wish you to reach all your goals and dreams.
  • I wish you more kids in the future. (Para naman may kalaro si baby rhian db)
  • I wish you to stay with me forever and last and most important is.
  • I wish that all your wishes will come true.

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Always remember, we love you so much!