Davao Adventure Day 4: A Walk With The Clouds

For our 4th day in Davao, we decided to visit Camp Sambros which is located in the cool highlands of Sitio Kapatagan, Digos City. Since we survived the nerve-racking river rafting and giant slide, we are ready for another exciting adventure on our last day.

 We're ready for our next adventure!

We travel approximately 2 hours away from the City before we reach the camp. The road is okay which offers magnificent view of Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines. You can nap inside the van but I suggest you to stay awake to see picturesque sight. We arrived at Sitio Kapatagan around 9am and stop at the check-point where in our vehicle park beside the tourist assistance hall. According to our drive, we have three options to reach Camp Sambros, either trekking uphill which will take you about 30 minutes, ride a horse or hire a motorcycles (habal-habal) for only Php 20.00. (This is my first time to ride in a motorcycle.)

Ngiti pa!

We decided to ride in a motorcycle just to experience how it feels riding in a motorcycle uphill, the travel took us 15 minutes only and you know what I’m scared as in but super enjoyable. It’s a rough road that’s why sometimes I hold the driver’s waist tightly. I love the view; every single scene is absolutely perfect!   

Perfect View :) 

As we reach Camp Sambros, the cool breeze of air welcomes us. The fogs are firm and temperature is extremely cold so better bring your jackets or warmers with you and get ready to experience the intense freezing.

Welcome to Camp Sambros! 
Pine trees everywhere!

We checked the packages that they offer and it is ranges from Php150 to Php750 which is a combination of the 380, 400 and 820 meter ziplines, cable lift, horseback riding and treetop rappelling. Just to give you an idea, Camp Sambros is the home of the second longest zip line in the Philippines next to Dahilayan Adventure’s Park with 840meters – Asia’s Longest Zipline. Hopefully, after I gave birth I will try this one. Hehe. Anyway, we availed the package to experienced it to the maximum..

We roamed around the camp and enjoy the view.  The clouds were cooperating with us and gave us a rewarding sight of Mt. Apo. Wow! Amazing! All my stress takes away as I look at the stunning mountain.

Group Shots 
Magnificent View of Mt. Apo
Indeed Mt. Apo is in his majestic form.  

After picture taking, the moment we were waiting had com. It’s time to conquer our fear again! Woohhooo!!!Our 1st adventure was the tandem ride on the 380 meters. Yehey! Meaning, we should glide by two’s or by partner. I’m not scared, actually I’m so excited! This is my first time to try zip line and I’m so confident that God will guide me in this ride plus I have lots of courage to do it that day.

Kulit ng pose mo Mark ha! :p 
Smile Olyn! :)  
Smile rin pag may time :)

After our tandem zip line, our next adventure is the 820 meters solo ride. Waahhh.. If you like to fly like superman, this zip line is advisable. Haha.  Since the cable car is defective, we were transported via 4WD cruiser to reach our next destination. Surprisingly, the cruiser was able to carry us in rainforest upward. (#kabamodeon)

Fly Like Superman! 
Upper Photo: Jandi and Gen
Lower Photo: Olyn and Ian 
I'm Flying!

I decided to be the 2nd to the last person who will try the 820 meters solo ride. Medyo kinakabahan ang lola nyo eh. Hehe. So before that, picture taking first!

Cge pose pa! 

Finally, I was in flying position and the staff released me. Waaahhhhh..  I guess the speed was 40-60 kph and at a height of 200 feet. Wow!  

I’m not afraid of a height that’s why I had to chance to video my ride. I fly like Superman or maybe soared like an eagle! At first, it was frightening because of the very strong winds but as soon as I look around I started to enjoy my ride. The feeling of like flying in the sky is priceless plus seeing the luscious of trees is wonderful. According to them it only lasted in less than a minute, well I guess it only took me 40 seconds. Wow! Unbelievable!

We are all hungry because of the extreme adventure we had, nagutom dahil sa kaba. Haha. After our scrumptious lunch, it’s time to enjoy the camp. Picture taking of course!

Group Shot!

Our group opted to experience hiking going down, it’s really fun because we appreciate the scenic view and the mountain cool breeze.

Trekking  starts now!
Mt. Apo as our background :) 
We survived Camp Sambros! 
Eli anong ginagawa mo dyan? 
Jump Shot!

For me, this was one of the trips that I'll never forget I swear! So if you want to explore the beauty of Davao, include Camp Sambros in your itinerary, I highly recommend this place!

All photos from Ian, Olyn, Roan, Renz,Gen and Mark!
Thank you guys!