Davao Adventure Day 3: An Exhilarated Ride – Wet and Wild

The third day of our Davao trip was intended for our White Water Rafting trip c/o Base Camp. It was the most unforgettable experience I ever had. Susme! Para talagang katapusan nang buhay ko that time. I will never ever forget that day, kung natakot akong mag slide sa Maxima Aqua Fun Resort, mas takot akong malunod sa malalaking alon.. Waahh..

We woke up early and left Chateau Veronica at 7:00am. We were fetched by Base Camp Davao and rode the jeepney and brought to their office where we were asked to sign waivers and fit our helmets & life vests which comes with different sizes. Wohooo.. This is it!

We're Ready!

The trip going to Tamugan River was a little bit long; I think it’s almost 1 and half hour, so most of our friends took a nap while on the road. I tried to snooze for a while but my energy was high, and I want to capture every moment. Aba, minsan lang ako makakarating ng ibang part ng Davao.

As soon as we reach our destination, our tour guide invited us in one place and the orientation started. I could hardly contain my excitement! 1st time ko syang gagawin and happy to say, kasama ko asawa ko. Haha.  We were asked to wear our safety gears – helmet and life vest. We were taught on how to put our life vest properly, what to do when you fall over, basic paddling techniques, commands to follow such as “hard paddle”, how to perform defensive swimming and the appropriate strokes to use to avoid hurting yourself and your teammates.  

Mga seryoso sa pakikinig.. hihi

Our guide also told us some ideas about the Davao River, the courses that we will encounter and some things to expect during the said course. Okay, I asked our tour guide kung safe ba talaga? Syempre, I want to make sure di kaya ako marunong lumangoy, and thank God he told me na super safer sya, but also remind us to secure our things such as camera and slippers kc super dami na nahuhulog na valuable things sa river once the boat capsized.

We divided our group into 2, there were six of us in the raft including our guide and right after the briefing, our guide was assigned to us and headed out to the river. Yahoo… This is it na talaga! (**kabog.. kabog..kabog. #exhilarated.**) By the way, the rafting consists of 25 rapids for three hours over 13 kilometers of the river. Adventure kung adventure talaga!

Group 1 
Group 2

As soon as we got into the water, as instructed, we secured our feet into the strap on the raft’s base and started to paddle. Paddle forward!! We thought the orientation was over, but we’re wrong.  Why? Our guide command us one by one (by pair) to jump into calm water then apply what he taught us on how to rescue in someone fell off the raft.  (Good thing, may photographer kami to capture every moment in the river)

Me: Jean, kaya mo ba ako? (kinakabahan mode)
Hila pa, dali!

After few minutes, our journey started as we conquer the rapids along the way. Our guide told us to just follow all his commands and work as a team. Honestly, I was scared and excited, but since I’m with my husband and professional tour guide, I am confident that I can conquer my fears. 

My first challenge is when my guide asked if we would like to swim and enjoy/try the rapids, just make sure to follow all his instructions for our safety. Lean on your back, raise your both feet so that you can touch the rocks coming and last but not the least, don’t open your mouth. Sad to say, pasaway ako… The strong current of water are approaching us, and I experienced panic attack, meaning binaba ko yung paa ko and my foot hit a bit rock, nagsasalita ako and asking for the help and halos pinipigilan ko yung water, which MALI according to our guide. OMG! I was drowning for 1 minute. Para talaga akong nalulunod, ang dami kong nainom na tubig and di ako nakakahinga ng maayos.

I scream for help but our guide yelled me to relax and he will pick me up when the waves are calm. What the?! Ayaw mo pang kong sagipin kahit na halos mamatay na ko sa dami ng tubig na naiinom ko.. Ggggrrr.. But according to him, I will not experience that problem if I follow what he taught us. A okay, ako nga pala may kasalanan.. Hayz! He gripped on the paddle and pulled me aboard.

After that practicing defensive swimming, the actual race is about to begin. At first, the river was pretty calm and low but as we continue our journey, the strong waves or should I say “major rapids” welcome us but since we are adventurous people, we’re all excited. (Hard Paddle, Easy Paddle, Stop).

 Hard Paddle!
Easy Paddle! 
 Relax Mode!

There were several unique rapids which the Davao locals and the guides already named as “Washing Machine”, “Double Drop”, “Rodeo” and “Drop and Suck”. There were times our raft will bump against huge rocks but still we all managed to conquer. And yes, our raft didn't capsize like the other team. Haha.

Todo smile parin asawa ko kahit na muntik na kaming matumba.. Waahhh 
Hard Paddle, Hard Kapit! Hehe!
Our group! (Hard Paddle!)

We’re all screaming and laughing at the same time every time we conquer rapids. Rapids became more and more challenging, at first no one fell off the raft but as soon as we reach the so called “Washing Machine”, the raft CAPSIZED! Ian, Jandi and I fell. Boooo.. That’s the worst thing that happened in my life, I swear! Para ka talagang nasa washing machine, inikot ako sa ilalim ng tubig 3 times, so you need to hold your breath and PRAY! I swear, super nakakatakot sya biglang sumagi sa isip ko na “ganon pala ang feeling ng nalulunod or worst pag hinihikop ka ng tubig pababa at paikot”. Thank God, I survived! My adrenalin rush was still pumping when I was pulled in. I lost my paddle because of that “washing machine rapids” but you know what that was the best part of the course. I became more adventurous.

Right after the "Washing Machine" Challenge! 

Whenever we overcame challenging rapids, the more we became aggressive to survive other rapids.
Strong Rapids
Our photographer/videographer/life guard

And every time we success over the rapid, our guide will shout “High Five!!” and we all raise our paddles and answer back. “HIGH FIVE”. Yahooo!!!!
High Five!
Another High Five! 
Reunited with the other team
After almost 3 hours of water adventure, we finally reach the finish line! Yahoo.. We had our lunch at the kubo, rest for a while and left the tamugan river. 

We Survived!

As soon as we arrived at Base Camp, all the pictures and video clips from our rafting will be transferred to a CD, and they provide us individual copy. Wow! May copy talaga kami isa isa. Galing! They also play the photos in the television while they are doing the transfer. OMG! Nakakatuwa talaga, with matching music pa as a background. (Song: Brighter than the Sun)

There are souvenir shirts available at the shop, for only Php 200.00 for the black shirt which our group purchased. Other than shirts, rash guard, arm sleeves etc are also available at their store.

Overall, River rafting look like scary at first but I swear you will enjoy the activity. Nothing beats the fun and wonderful experience we got at River rafting. “Fall” is what we came and paid for. Kaya mas maeenjoy mo yung rafting pag nahulog ka! Hehe. If I will give another chance, I’ll do it again! HIGH FIVE!

Photos from Base Camp and Renz