Our Journey Towards Parenthood: A Day with Padre Pio

I heard lots of stories about the miracle of Padre Pio, and one of the stories I really amazed is the Rated K’s episodeabout Julius Babao’s hear prayers. Since then, I've wanted to visit the place again. (My first visit was way back 2007, I think).

May 4, Saturday I called my parents and told them that we wanted to visit Padre Pio, happy to say that they are joining with us.

Since its 1st Sunday of the Month, expect the tons of people in the chapel, that’s why we decided to leave our house as early as 9:30am to reach the 12am Mass which is according to my mom the priest will put you holy oil right after the mass. The mass for 10am was about to end when we reach the chapel, so we opted to stay outside, light some candles and pray.

Honestly, I almost cry when I silently asked for the blessings and to give us a loving child. I believe that God will give us a healthy baby at the right time. We are not in the hurry but we also did our part to have a baby, ika ng nila “Nasa Diyos ang Awa, Nasa Tao ang Gawa”.  The place was an atmosphere of prayer and it is great to reflect here.


It was solemn inside the chapel, you can see on the right wall are the testimonies of answered prayers, both medical conditions that have been healed and some couples that receive a blessings from above, a healthy baby. Inside the chapel, you can write your petitions and the statue of Padre Pio can be found on the right side of the chapel where devotees like us fall in line and pray in front of him.

Now, I told my husband that starting today we also cite in our prayers the “Prayer for Padre Pio” and “Prayer to Get Pregnant”. (I can’t remember where I copy the files but as far as I remember I believe that God gave me that website to help us to have faith for having a baby.