Our Journey Towards Parenthood: The 1st Step (Follicle Monitoring)


On my previous post, I told you that we‘re taking more serious about having a baby. So after taking clomid (fertility pills) for 5 days, our next step is the follicle monitoring.  My OB told me that I should undergo this procedure in order to check/monitor if there are enough follicles that contain mature eggs. Follicle monitoring is done through transvaginal ultrasound (super duper ooouuuccchhh).

This process is very useful for assessing the size of the follicle that supports the growing egg and for determining the thickness of the uterine lining. It is important to know how many eggs will ovulate and how high the estradiol level is. My OB told me that the goal of follicle monitoring is to provide information about the number of mature eggs that will ovulate and to ensure that this is accomplished safely.
This procedure is not included in any HMO packages, so we have no choice but to pay it in cash. Follicle monitoring is worth Php 3,100 for three (3) sessions at Makati Medical Center. Before the procedure, my OB told me that if we are willing to spend money in preparing for our little one, and simply we answered OF COURSE! So now sharing with you the summary of expenses on my 1st cycle.

Norethisterone (1 tablet 2x a day for 7 days) – Php 45.00/each
Clomifene (Clomid) (2 tablets before breakfast for 5 days) – Php 100.00/each
Follicard B Plus(1 tablet before bedtime) – Php 8.50/each
Metformin Glucophage 500mg (twice a day) – Php 12.25/each (this is to counter my PCOS)
Follicle Monitoring Php 3,100.00

We believe that this is really worth it, spending money for our upcoming baby. Okay so let’s discuss the result, I took clomid on D2-D6 during my monthly period; my 1st follicle monitoring was scheduled on my D9. Thank God, my OB doctor is the one who did the tansvi for 1st and last monitoring.

1st Follicle Monitoring (April 24, 2013 – D9)
                Impression:  Normal Uterus, Proliferative Endometrium, Normal ovaries with growing follicles, No 
                                   Free Fluid, Cul-De-Sac, Normal looking cervix.

2nd Follicle Monitoring (April 26, 2013 – D11)
                Impression: Endometrium compatible with Proliferative Phase, Stimulated Polycystic Ovaries with 
                                  no leading follicle seen. Right Ovaries with 20 follicles, the largest measuring 1.0cm, 
                                  Left Ovaries with 15 follicles, the largest measuring 0.7cm.

3rd Follicle Monitoring (May 2, 2013 - D17)
   Impression: Normal Uterus, Secretory Phase Endometrium, Polycystic Ovaries, Normal Cervix, 
                     No Free Fluid, Cul-De-Sac with multiple sub capsular follicles on left and right 

According to my OB, my follicles are not growing on the desire size to release mature eggs, ika nga nya “pagsabihan mo yang mga follicles mo na lumaki na, pasaway kasi eh”. We are not losing our hope since this is only our 1st step towards parenthood, and I believe that in this battle, we will win!

So simple message to my follicles, please grow up fast as we are so excited to see our little bundle of joy soon. Please.