Davao Adventure Day 1: The Frugal Wanderers

It's been a while since I posted my last entry and I can really say that I miss the blogging world. Anyway, I will share to you the continuation of our Davao adventure last March.. Hihi.

After we settle at Chateau Veronica, we decided to take our super duper late lunch at Nanay Bebeng’s.  We are lucky to have 1 Davaoeño in our group, alam na nya lahat kung san masarap kumain and pasikot sikot sa lugar, Thanks Eli!

From Chateau Veronica, we rode a tricycle going to Nanay Bebeng’s Restaurant. We don’t have any idea about this place, but since Eli recommends it we just trust him. (Will post another entry about Nanay Bebeng’s Restaurant). 

Group shot 

Then after our scrumptious lunch, our Davao adventure begins. We decided not to avail packages on our 1st day and so we explore the city on our own. Our 1st stop was Lon Wa Buddist Temple which according to Wikipedia is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the Philippines. Wow! It is located in Agdao District, Cabaguio Ave, Davao City.


There’s no entrance fee here, but we just gave the one who assists us a “tip”(Kuyang Guard) who also serve as our tourist guide. O db, 2 in 1 ang peg ni kuya. Hehe.  We all got amazed as the big smiling Buddha statue welcome us at the gate. O db, ang laki nya sobra!


The place is pretty simple but the interior of the temple was colorful. I really love the solemnity of the place. #innerpeace

Main Hall or the Praying Room (this is where Chinese community pay respect) 

Different Buddha Statues

Note: You should take off your shoes before entering the hall.

After about 30 minutes, we left Lon Wa Buddist Temple and went at People’s Park wherein we taste the one of a kind ice cream, “Durian” flavor.  Yum Yum!

The park is like “Rizal Park” in Metro Manila. Upon entrance you will be greeted with a stunning view. Your eyes will be amazed by its natural and picturesque landscape with cool gardens, mini play ground and statues.

I love the Durian Dome, for me I found it unique. This arena serves as the visitor’s main entrance. Ooppsss.. I forgot to mention that the entrance is FREE! Wow! 

The park also provides benches where in you can sit down, enjoy and relax after a tiring strolling around the park. You can smell fresh air and I swear, all your problems will fade away, just for the meantime.

Valentine's Day ba?! Hehe! 
Group Shot  

Of course, our group decided to take pictures at the Philippine Eagle Statue.

Since it’s almost 6:30ish pm, we opted to visit our last stop for the day and this is the Jack Ridge.  Our trip will not be complete without visiting to this place. Why? Because this is where you can view 360 degrees of Davao’s city lights. Para syang Cloud 9 sa Antipolo and Victoria’s Peak at HK. This is the famous restaurant on top of the mountain; I found it so romantic and special.

I love their food, the sizzling squid, sinigang na baboy, crispy pata, etc. plus a great view with a serenading band to play music thought out the night (but you need to pay for them of course) equals unforgettable 1st day in Davao. (oooppss.. again I forgot to say that this is my 2nd time in Davao, my 1st visit was way back 2009)

All photos grab from Ian, Mark, Renz and Olyn. (FB Albums)
Thank you guys!