Happy 60th Mom!

My mom turns 60 today. I can’t believe she’s 60 already as she doesn’t look her age at all – she looks like she’s stuck in her early 40s. Anyway, I want to share with you how wonderful my mom is which I believe every one of you could hope for, I am so lucky and blessed to have her in my life.  She always sounds happy that’s why you cannot believe that she’s now a Senior Citizen (smiling face ika nga). She’s fascinating to talk about anything and everything, as is di kayo mauubusan ng kwentuhan. Actually, there is no dictionary which have the word to describe how loving, wonderful, caring and affectionate my mother is. And isn't she beautiful? Of course, YES! To know her is to love her and I could write about her all the day.

My mom is always the first woman whom I ever loved. She is the role model of my life and a spring of inspiration for me. She always brighten up my life with tender love and care. She is the one I can count on when I need a helping hand. She is a good example of what a mom should be; we always get along so well even though sometimes we disagree in other matters.  

The bond that we share means everything to me. I would be a lost soul if it weren't for all the love that she has showered upon me all my life.  Some people always tell me, “You look just like your mom”, and that’s definitely a compliment. Right mom? Parehas tayong maganda. 

Today I am thanking you for being mom. I am proud to be your daughter. Whatever I am today, it’s all because of you. You have given me the priceless gift of life and love; you not only guided us while growing up but also taught us how to go alone in the super highway of life.  I owe you so much mommy. I may unable to express my love and gratitude in words but mom, you’re the BEST! You’re the best Mom a kid could ever have.

Enjoy the day to the fullest. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. Happy Happy Birthday Mommy. I loveyou so much!!!

Senior Citizen ka na! May discount ka na sa pamasahe, pagkain, gamot  and libre na sa sine.. Ayos!
I know I will be a good mother like you to our upcoming child, hopefully soon.

Oooopppp.. We're throwing her a big party this today at Abeerdeen Court in Makati and I cannot wait to see her, I’m soo excited!