Coron Day 3 (Part 2) Barracuda Lake

After Siete Pecados, our next stop is Barracuda Lake. I really don’t have any idea about this place but our boatman said it was named “Barracuda Lake “ because according to legend, the barracuda fish (a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance) used to live in this lake, hence the name, but they no longer dwell in the place so it's safe. Oh noh! I think to skip here because I'm scared of barracudas, naiimagine ko yung sa mga movie na may biglang may hihila sa paa mo tapos kakainin ka ng buhay! Waaahhhh…. (#paranoidlang)

Approaching Barracuda Lake

Again, we passed by those familiar limestone cliffs, not knowing that we will be experiencing it firsthand!  In order to access the lake, you must climb for about 5 to 10 minutes and down plus getting into this lake needs a great sense of balance since there are no definite steps and stable handrails that will support you, meaning you literally have to tread on sharp limestone cliffs so please be careful guys!

The hike was a small price to pay once we entered the lake and explored all it had to offer – WOW! The dangerous and “buwis buhay” trek was all worth it. Look! Beautiful!

Simply Amazing!
This lake is also commonly referred to as the “craziest dive site in the Philippines.”

The lake was so quiet and clean, the water was very deep surrounded with those gorgeous limestone cliffs. We swam in the lake and looked up and got amazed at the beauty of this place.

I managed to avoid the barracuda’s though assuming maybe they were stationed closer to the murky bottom. Nakakatakot kaya talaga! But the views were amazing without having to dive that deep anyhow. I’m happy to say that Barracuda Lake did not disappoint me.