Married Life: 6 months after

January 24, 2013 marks our 6thwedding monthsary.. Wow! Parang kailan lang nasa harap kami ng altar and now, half of the year na pala kaming kasal! Kudos!  

There are lots of changes and new discovery that we faced for the past 6 months. Most of my friends told me that the first year of married life might be one of the most difficult you’ll ever face. Why? Because, learning to live day in and day out with someone who was raised with different habits, morals and rules was really an adjustment. It’s like moving to a foreign country – “Culture Shock” in other words. But you know what; Ian and I take our time together and allow ourselves to adjust to our new culture for in time, the shock will wear off and we will begin to feel at home.

Adjustment in a marriage is a two-way process, so let me share you some of our adjustments as a married couple.

My adjustments:

1.        Honestly, it can take a while to get used everything in my new life. New Husband, new surname  
           (**kilig much**), new government and company ID’s, new address, new title, new bank  
           accounts, new health card etc.. but I know that it’s just the beginning.
2.        I already know how to cook delicious dishes. Thanks to all food bloggers who shares their secret 
3.        I always woke up early to prepare our breakfast and baon for lunch.
4.        I learned how to budget our money and pay all our expenses for the month.
5.        I can now sleep with a snoring husband. Haha. (nasanay na ata ako eh..)
6.        The hardest adjustment for me has been staying up until 2am. Yes! 2AM! My husband was    
           sooooo busy with laptop! He also wants me to watch “Rooftop Prince” after all the teleserye at 
           ABS CBN. San ka pa db..
7.        I learned to understand some of his weird habits. He’s human being too! Hehe.

His adjustments:

1.        He knows how to wash our clothes.
2.        Hubby is in-charge to wash our plates.
3.        He became more mature when it comes in handling our relationship and problems.
4.        He helps me in cleaning our house.
5.        He became more attractive.. Chos!
6.        He became more sexier.. Chos!
7.        From happy-go-lucky guy change to family-man.

As a couple:

1.        Sometimes we fight but this is because before wedding, we’re both individuals leading different 
           lives while marriage brought us together and we know that these differences may lead to clashes 
           in our marriage, that’s why we settle our issues before going to sleep to understand each other 
2.        We learn how to curdle each other everyday. Kilitian and agawan ng pillow ang favorite namin..
3.        Sometimes, we take a bath together.. Hihi (rated SPG)
4.        We know how to compromise with each other.
5.        We always find time to talk to each other even though we’re both very tired.
6.        We pray together before meal time and before going to sleep.
7.        We discuss money matters together and keeping our future plans in mind.
8.        We take a break occasionally from our daily routine life by going on a vacation together to 
           unwind our stress and spend quality time with each other.
9.        Even though we got married, we give each other a space to do whatever we want to do with 
           limitations of course. Like meet up with friends, inuman session, girls or boys night out etc..
10.     We keep the romance alive of utmost importance. 
11.     We do not rush to have children. We talked about it that the first year of marriage have to be 
          committed in getting to know and understand each other better. That we should work hardly to 
          build a strong relationship so that when God bless us children, we can give our kids a future that is  
          happy and secured.
12.     We hear mass every Sunday to thank the Lord for all the blessings that we received.

Lesson Learned:

-       Consider that your spouse is going through the same things that you are. (adjustment stage)
-       The so called “EGO” has to be kept aside.
-       Marriage is a game that two play and both “WIN”.
-       We are now sailing in the same boat. We should keep it balance so that it will not sink.
-       No matter how much or how seriously you fight, you must make up before you go to sleep, and 
         PLEASE don’t carry a rancor to the next day.
-       Soften your heart towards your partner.

I read an article about marriage and this phrase stick on my mind.

“Every phase of marriage has to be dealt with in a different way. The adjustment period is the MOST difficult stage in marriage but just believe that once you get past it, life after marriage unfold as a beautiful symphony”

I know, Ian and I will still encounter lots of adjustments during our first year of marriage, but we believe that we can work it out as we have a lifetime to do it together.