Coron Day 2 (Part 2): Twin Lagoon

After exploring Kayangan Lake, our next destination was the Twin Lagoon. Wohoooo!!!! The Twin Lagoon is an amazing limestone wall that divides 2 lagoons, this is also one of the many famous tourist spots in Coron, no wonder at all because of the eye—bulging scenery.

Since hubby already went at Coron way back 2008, he’s already familiar with the places that we visited. He told me that the first time he discover the Twin lagoon, there are no wooden stairs provided to reach the other inner lagoon. Now, Tagbanua’s community already improved the place and put small wooden deck providing easy access to tourist like us. So you have two options to enter in the inner lagoon; either to climb the wooden stairs over the limestone wall built by the caretakers or make a deep swim underneath to reach the central lagoon.

 Welcome to Twin Lagoon :)

Because we love adventures, we chose to go underwater to reach the other side. Yahooo! Of course, we used our life vest, we are not the best swimmers in the world noh. Hehe. (We regret for not bringing underwater camera during our trip.. Medyo di na kc maganda kuha nung camera namin.. Huhu.. But I promise, we will pay a visit again and by that time we already have waterproof camera! Promise)

Entering lagoon is breathtaking! My mouth always uttered “Wow! Ang Ganda!”.. It’s like the place gives a feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world because the open sea is not visible and you are surrounded by large cliffs of limestone. I felt that we were in another world. (Sorry we opted not to bring our cameras since there’s no place wherein we can put our things, it was only surrounded by clear calm water and nice rock formation.. Booooo!!! Sayang!!!)

According to Ate Steph, the water is a mixture of fresh and salty water. I felt in-love with the place! I want to stay here for 1 week!!! It was so quiet and peaceful.  Aside from the beautiful rock formation & stunning corals, what’s interesting about this place is there are areas in both lagoons wherein the temperature of the water changes, from lukewarm to cold. You will definitely wonder how is that possible. God is indeed!

We saw a floating bamboo rafts, wherein one can rest for a while and according to Ate Steph, it’s the boundary of the twin lagoon, before there was security guard who watches the island. Hopefully, this does not causes some garbage and pollute waters.

Did you see us?
This photo was taken outside the Twin Lagoon :)

Twin Lagoon - truly a wonderful place to see! This island is really awesome, the view is great! The entire lagoon was of course crowned by these majestic cliffs. After swimming around inside the lagoon for maybe around 35 minutes, we headed back to the boat for our next stop of the Banol Island.