Coron Day 2 (Part 1): Kayangan Lake

And so for our 2nd day in Coron, our schedule was Island Hopping! Yahoo! Even though our calves hurt after hiked up more than 700 steps to reach this giant cross on top of Mt. Tapyas on our 1st day, Hubby and I are so excited! It’s time for beach bumming.
Ready for Island Hopping :)

Our call time is 8:30am so we woke up by 7, prepare our things, had our early breakfast and meet Ate Steph at Darayonan’s office. Our package includes exclusive whole day island hopping, picnic lunch and merienda. Wow!  Parang honeymoon talaga.. Kilig much! We rode at tricycle that carries us to the port where docked boats located.

Before we left Manila, I make sure to include on our itinerary to visit the famous and #1 must-see place in Coron, the Kayangan Lake. I was so thrilled to see the cleanest lake in the Philippines & in Asia and personally see the iconic postcard shot of Coron. Kayangan Lake is only a 20-minute boat ride from the boat station. Before the hike, Ate Steph give a few minutes briefing about our tour, she told us that the native Tagbanua are the original settlers in this region and all the fees that collected from the tourist are supposedly to benefit the local Tagbanuas and for the maintenance of the island.

We need to climb for about 15 minutes before we enjoy the breathtaking view of Coron. The hike is challenging for me but not that long, thanks to Ate Steph who help us carry our tripod and mineral waters. The steps ate made of rocks which makes everything even more slippery so make sure you wear some foot ware with good grip, sad to say I only wear havaianas slippers while Hubby has aqua shoes.
(out of stock kc yung pang girl na shoes eh.. Boooo!)

 Turquoise ocean waters and  towering scenic lime stones are superb!

We arrived after 15 minutes, hubby always ready his camera because he knows there would be a series of endless photo-ops waiting for us. And finally, this is it! For sure you are so familiar with this place; it is one of the most well photographed views of Coron and also the “I was here” photos taken this viewing dock.

Amazing View!  

You need to wait for your turn since there are tons of visitors who also want to take pictures with the view. Photographing with the lake is quite challenging for Ian as the best panoramic views are often taken with flash and proper camera set-up.

Ian – Sabi ko na nga ba eh, dapat dinala ko na yung flash para mas maganda kuha natin..
RN – Ako na naman ang sinisisi mo.. Hhhmmpp..

So after more than 10 test shots, finally Hubby got the perfect set-up for his camera. Although, it’s not the best shot for others, (sorry na Hon..) I believe that the natural beauty of the lake makes our picture perfect.

We were here photo!

(Note: Please be careful always.. You need to sit in a giant rock to have your pictures taken with striking background)

While Hubby was busy taking photos of the place, I keep myself busy looking around the island. Oooppsss.. I forgot to mention that you will also see a cave to the left of the trail.

The highlight of our Kayangan Lake tour is Lake itself. We were amazed as we able to see the unspoiled beauty of Coron. Wow! A piece of Paradise should I say.  It’s all I expected it to be. The waters are really clean that you can see the bottom of the lake despite it being more than 10ft deep.

Accessible by a steep 15-minute climb, the crystal-clear waters of Kayangan Lake are nestled into the mountain walls. There’s a little wooden walkway and platform to place your things if you go for a swim. 

(Note: Tour guides will require you to you’re your life vests when you take a swim in the lake since it’s quite deep.)

Presenting the Crystal Blue Water Lake.

The lake is DEEP so make sure to bring your life vest and of course your snorkeling gear as you can see the picturesque rock formation underneath. Actually, I was so scared to swim at first even though I have my life vest with me because I was so paranoid that there are reptiles in the lake and would quickly appears at my back and eat me alive.. Waaahh..

  Look how clear the water is! Have a grand time swimming in fresh water!
Basking into the beauty of Kayangan Lake

Hubby was trying out a raft in its clear waters. O db, adventure kung adventure ang peg namin mag asawa.. :p 

Candid Shots (taken by Ate Steph)
Survivors :)

Overall, Kayangan Lake area is probably the most photogenic in Coron. Very scenic and relaxing, I must say that I can stay here and do nothing but stare the scenery.