Our Goals on 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

2012 was an amazing year for us and we really hope 2013 will be just as amazing or even better and we wish the same for you all!  2013 is going to be our year again!

Anyway, as we're waving goodbye to 2012, which according to some people the year when the world was supposed to end, but didn't! Well, at least it doesn't appear to have done, Thank you Lord! Can you believe 2013 has arrived already??! Time has simply flown by so fast I can hardly keep up! Parang kalian lang single pa ko, naging engage then kinakasal ako tapos ngayon misis na ko.. Wow! I hope this year, maging mommy na ko… (**cross fingers**)

Like what I’ve said, 2012 was a superb and memorable year for us, because this year we encountered lots of changes in our life and for 2013, we have listed our top 3 goal that need to accomplish this year.. Our motto this year, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa” kaya we need to be more productive, be persevering and be diligent this year.

Listed below are the top 3 goals for 2013.

3. More out of town/country

We are proud to say that we are the certified couple traveler. Asides from photography, we love to travel and explore different places around the Philippines and around the world. O db talagang WORLD! We already travelled places from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; we also visit some famous country like HK, Macau, SG and KL. But nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams to tour around the world. Kaya dapat work work work para makapag ipon pang gala..

2. New Car

We really need a brand new car this year, brand new talaga db.. Why? Because of our photobooth business. It’s so hard to carry our things when we have events, grabe sobrang dami kaya and it’s even harder to find a cab that will bring us to our destination. Sobrang pili ng mga taxi drivers, kainis! So we decided that this year, we badly needed to purchase a car lalo na dumadami na mga clients namin.

Last but not the least, the top on our list.

1. Baby

A new baby arriving in the family brings big changes for everyone; babies are wonderful gifts from God. We are married for 5 months and I must say that we really enjoy being together everyday. As in di mo kami mapag hihiwalay na dalawa pag nasa bahay. We sleep at the same time, sometimes we take a bath together (ooppsss.. rated SPG), we eat simultaneously, hubby always rub my back before going to sleep while I always massage his head, I have lots of things to share but let’s concentrate with this article, next time na ulit yung mga ginagawa naming ni hubby.. hihi. Anyway, we don’t rush everything, we believe that in God’s time he will give us one beautiful or handsome child that will brings another joy in our life and for this year, this is top of on our list. Some of our friends told us to enjoy our married life as husband and wife before having a baby; our families are so excited to see their 1st grandchild but you know what, Ian and I are more excited to hold our baby soon, kaya nga we always pray to God and keep on believing that one day he will hear and answer our prayer.

Actually, we also plan to get a house and lot but since we still needs to pay some of our debts, we decided to purchase it on 2014! (**cross fingers**)