Our First Christmas as Married Couple

Christmas is the one of the happiest event that I've been waiting for - family reunions, Christmas parties and friends get-together. This year, I’m sooo excited as in because this is the first time we celebrate Christmas as Husband and Wife. Yihii..

Our Christmas Tree 

Some of our friends and officemates are asking me how we celebrate our 1st Christmas as married couple, I simply say “Simple and Memorable”. Hihi.. Anyway, December 24, marks our 5th wedding monthsary so we decided to just stay at home and prepare our food for Noche Buena.  Instead of watching television for the whole day, we opted to play a Christmas songs, I prepared Lumpiang Shanghai and Barbecue, Mommy prepares home-made chicken nuggets and spaghetti, while hubby is in-charge to broil the barbecue, and this is what we called “Labor of Love”.  Chos!

Christmas Eve :)

My mother in-law, hubby and me :)

Happy Couple :)

By 9pm, we prepare ourselves for the vigil mass. After 1.5 hours, the mass is ended and we are excited to go home, eat together and open our gifts. Exactly 12am of December 25, we were greeted each other “Merry Christmas” with a kiss.

Wacky Shot

We opened our gifts early morning before preparing our lunch and by 12noon, my family arrived.

Exchange gifts

On the afternoon, hubby’s friends came in. Syempre di mawawala ang inuman for the boys..

My mom and mother in-law dance in the tuned of Gangnam and Cha Cha Dabarkads. My mom throw coins while all of us excited to pick it up. Natutuwa kasi syang makita kami nagkakandarapa sa kakapulot ng pera.. Haha.

Gangnam Style :)

Cha Cha Dabarkads :)

O db ang lambot ng katawan ng nanay ko.. Hehe. Our visitors left our house by 10:30pm and to end up our Christmas celebration, Hubby and I prayed together at our room to thank our God for all the blessings that we received and to greet him a “Happy Happy Birthday!”.