Married Life: How to make our first married Christmas special

Wow! It’s only 13 days to go before Christmas and I’m sooo excited to celebrate our 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife.

2012 is such a wonderful year for us; this is the year that Ian and I got married. I really love Christmas, why? because this is the  day when God was born and every Christmas Eve, my whole family visit and hear mass at Sacred Heart then will eat together and exchange of gifts.  

This year is different; I will celebrate Christmas as a wife with my family, Ian and his mom. Our family now is getting bigger because of them. So if you’re asking me how to make our first married Christmas special, I will enumerate how Ian and I will do on Christmas Eve/Day.

1.        On December 24, Christmas Eve – Ian and I will prepare food at our house for Noche Buena.
2.        We will attend the evening mass.
3.        Noche Buena in our house.
4.        Will try to drop by at our house to meet my family.
5.        Then, on Christmas Day, my family and relatives will come in our house.

What special events that we will do aside from these things? Well the highlights of our Christmas celebration is that, this year Ian and I organized our very first Christmas party at the orphanage, although we already did this kind of gathering at Hospicio de San Jose and La Mesa Eco Park with our F21 friends, the difference is that this party was created after we realized how blessed we are this year. Naisip namin na super daming blessings ang nareceived namin for this year, so it’s time to give back to those who really need most.

Organizing a Christmas party at the orphanage is so easy; I think God helps me to accomplish or to finish our mission to give happiness to the children. After all the disaster that our country suffered, a simple gathering will help them forget the catastrophe, not to lose hope and everything will be back in normal. That God only tests our faith and God is the only person that will help us to look forward for another great day.

Being married to Ian is one of the greatest decision that I made, he really help me a lot especially when I think of something that I need to accomplish. I know that our 1st Christmas as husband and wife will be so memorable because of our advocacy to help children in our own little way. Now, I promise myself to help other people not only because it’s Christmas but because God gave me more blessings to be able to share it with others.

Merry Christmas Everyone!