Married Life: Emotional Me

I can’t say I’m tired, I won’t say I’m tired. If I’m in denial, so be it. I won’t say I’m tired. I suddenly miss the whole wedding preparations and the wedding itself, parang kailan lang when I walk down the aisle, everybody`s waiting, taking photos, some of our friends cried and then smile, bridal song is being sang by Anima strings while the door is closed then after a few minute, it opens with all my smile.. Oh how excited I am to reach my groom at the front of the church. I can still remember the feeling, the mixed emotions and the warm embrace from my parents.. Well, the love and kilig is always ON, ika nga nila dapat laging bagong kasal..  Few more months and will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, do you think will there be additional one to celebrate with us? Hmm… excited! will see...

Anyway, I was so emotional these past few days. I don’t know if this is a side effect of my medicine I take or due of my hormonal imbalance. I am living with my husband when I found myself lying on our bed then all of a sudden so many things in my mind surprisingly appear; I miss my family, I miss my lola, I miss our dog, I miss my bed, I miss everything at our house. I miss my dad who happens to cook our breakfast and lunch, I miss my sisters who use to be my best friends, I miss my mom who give me a soft massage every night, I miss my lola’s unending stories about her life and I miss kulot who brings joy in our house.

I’m happy in my life now because of Ian, but sometimes when I left alone I feel so lost, cguro takot lang akong mag isa sa bahay.. Haha. When I’m lonely, my husband used to give corny jokes, or sometime he became “Boy Pick Up” just to make me smile. Sus! Ako na talaga ang may asawang corny na, bolero pa. Haha.

"Ang sarap umuwi pag malinis ang bahay, may masarap na pagkain and syempre may magandang asawa" 

"I'm already reached my desires cause I'm with you."

“Ian - Hon, akin na kamay mo.
Ako- bakit? (Kinikilig & nakangiti)
Ian- pang iisis ko sa paa ko.
Ang sweet mo grabe!”

“Ian – Honey, di naman tayo mag swi-swimming ha.
Ako – uu, bakit naman..
Ian – Bakit may suot kang salbabida. (referring to my tummy)

Sarap sapakin ng asawa ko.. Haha”

“Im Your
Mr. Monday,
Mr. Tuesday,
Mr. Wednesday,
Mr. Thursday,
Mr. Friday,
Mr. Saturday,
Mr. Sunday
Your Mr. Everyday :)”

O db, san ka pa.. Minsan sweet ang asawa ko, minsan naman parang ewan lang.. Haha. Anyway, I’m guilty! Yes I am! I’m so sensitive person, sobrang matampuhin ako and sometimes I cry.  I feel sad with the news I watched every night, I can’t believe how a rebellious person kill innocent children in Connecticut, I’m so worried about the result of RH Bill, etc. etc. masyado akong affected sa mga nababalitaan ko.. But I thank God for giving me enough strength to face and overcome this sentiment I feel, for giving me a loving and understandable husband who is always there for me. Now, I try my best not to be subtle and but to become a strong person like my mom.