Friendster Christmas Party 2012

This 2012, our team (support group) promise to make our company activities more fun and exciting. So after our successful Trick or Treat last November, our next target is our annual Christmas party. Yehey! Support group which consist of Admin/Purchasing, Accounting and HR join forces to create a fabulous party for our company. 

Support group at your service :)

By end of November, we started canvassing for the prizes, draft our program and checked the venue. So here are some highlights of our annual Christmas party.

What:  Friendster Christmas Party 2012
Where: Berjaya Hotel, Makati City
When: December 10, 2012 7:00pm

We left our office by 2:30pm to arrange the venue and run-through the program. We checked every details of the party including food, sound system, physical arrangement, photobooth and lights.

Around 7:30pm, some of our officemates arrived. Every employee received Php 500.00 worth of GC from Sodexo at the registration area. Wow! Early Christmas gift! Some of them were smiling and give their stunning pose on the photobooth provided while others are enjoying the sounds at the function room.

Christmas gift from Friendster! :)

The program started by 8pm with the opening remarks from our President/Chairman, Mr. Ganesh Kumar, and then dinner was serve after.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar

We prepared lots of games and special awards for a change. Our first game was call “Keep me posted”, which consist of one boy and one girl, the girl will put smiley on the boy’s body parts that starts with a letter “T”, while the boy will put smiley on girl’s body parts that start with letter “P”. Funny right?!  Haha.  

Then for our 2nd game it was called “Pop Me”, which consist of girl and boy. A balloon was placed at the back of the boy (preferably at the buttocks) and the girl will pop it using without using her hand. Haha. In tagalog, “Paputukin mo lobo ko..” Haha.

Special awards are given during the event proper. Mr and Ms. Congeniality, Mr. and Ms Photogenic, Boy Next Door, Fashionista of the Year and Mr. Suave! Congratulations to all winners! You really deserve it!

Our COO with our special guest from KL

Some of our foreign visitors prepare a games for us; for those who can answer their questions they will received a special prize FREE TRIP TO MALAYSIA FOR TWO plus HOTEL ACCOMMODATION AT BERJAYA with ALLOWANCE”. Wow! As in Wow! The first question was “What is the complete address of MOL office at KL?” Actually, our group know the answer, kami kaya madalas makipag transact sa KL office, unfortunately Ameriza missed one address.. Ouch! Sayang.  Anyway, one of our officemates got the correct answer on the second question (technical term - software), ang galing! Ikaw na Joseph Emmanuel Dayo ang may free vacation for two! Congratulations!

Another game from our visitors is called “Inuman na” (ako lang actually nagsabi nito.. Hehe). We were divided into four groups with eleven members, all of us handed one bottle of San Mig Light and in the count of three, all members of the group will drink the beer one by one, so after one person finished his/her beer, the next person to the left will guzzle his/her beer. The first group that finished faster will get a cash prize from our chairman (14,000 Ringgit). Wow!

When the last game was announced, I promised myself to win, syempre gusto ko naman may mauwi ako kahit papano..The game was called “The Boat is sinking” I know everyone familiar with this game. You know what, I won! Yes! Hello, buwis buhay kaya inabot ko dyan! Hehe. So here is my prize, Overnight stay for 2 at Berjaya Hotel! Wow! Yehey! Thank you Mr. Tan!

The party was ended by 11pm, although my name didn't call at the raffle, I’m still happy because of the prize and of course, all our efforts to make our party possible and memorable are being appreciated by our officemates and management.