5th Wedding Monthsary

5 months ago when we said “ I DO” in front of God, our families & friends and now we are living as husband and wife. Yehey! There are so many happy moments and I still can go on and on..  It’s just like a normal couple, we've been through a lot of challenges in our relationship and yet we never gave up. Thank you for staying beside me all the time.

I know that life isn't always a fairy tale, but it seems we live like one because we believe it is. I still remember the night before we got married, when you hug me tightly and told me that you will wait for me at the church wearing my white dress.. Kilig! We really enjoy playing the roles that God has written for us without any complaints and whatever the script maybe.

I love you more than life itself, because you've made my life a joy. Our Happiness was made by Destiny. Iloveyou so much!

Happy 5th Wedding Monthsary Honey!