HONEY-moon @ KL (Day 2: Batu Caves)

August 3 is our last day in Malaysia before we return to Philippines. I've been wanting to visit Batu Caves, which I first saw in The Amazing Race 11.  Our initial plan is to wake up as early as 6am, prepare our things, leave it at the lobby, visit Batu Cave and go back at Impiana Hotel to get our things and travel to Airport, but it didn't happen due to _____.. Never mind!

Anyway, we decided to check-out early and visit Batu Cave. Together with our things, we rode a taxi and travel for about 20 minutes to reach the train station. We took our lunch at BK when the heavy rains started to fall, oh noh! We think twice if we still want to see Batu Cave or just spend our time in the train station before going to Airport. Iniisip namin kung kasya pa yung time since from train station, it will take us 20 - 30 minutes to reach the Batu Cave. Our flight is 6:35pm and we need to be at the airport at least 45 minutes before departure, it’s already past 2! Kaya ba namin mag risk just to see the famous Hindu cave temple?! Well, since I really really want to visit it, I insist Ian to pay a visit of this temple. Hello, sayang naman ang pagkakataon, andun na kami bakit di pa namin sagarin ang tour!

Batu Cave is a Hindu Shrine situated 20-30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle city of KL. From City to Batu Cave, train ticket cost RM 1.00/person/one way, the KTM commuter train drops us at the far left side of the Batu Caves entrance. Well, the temple is accessible also via Bus or even taxi (much pricey).

Upon stepping off the train station, we first passed through the Ramayana Cave. There are lots of tourists who visited Batu Cave when we arrived. 

We found the grounds full of pigeons; it was terribly hot but didn't stop us from taking a photo-op. Minsan lang ako makakita ng ganitong karaming kalapati eh.. Hehe..

The Batu Caves is dedicated to Lord Murugan. His statue is the most eye catching icon approaching the site and focal point behind him is a 272-step staircase leading to the cave temples. Wow! I can’t believe it, I need to traverse a steep flight of stairs (272 steps!) before I reach the cave temples wherein I can see the spectacular view inside the grotto. Challenging ha!

The Marugan Statue of the temple of the Batu Caves.
272 steps!

Since we carry our luggage, we decided to explore Batu Cave on our own meaning Ian will first see the sights while I wait for him at the cafeteria with our things and vice versa. Ian go first, together with his camera he took lots of photos inside the cave. After 15 minutes, it’s my turn! Yehey!

I climbed the 272 steps up, ascending 100m above the ground, to the Temple Cave entrance. The stairs were full of macaque monkeys, they were naughty ones too, jumping around and swinging from post to post, totally ignoring the people trying to climb up and clamber down. As I continue to climb, I saw a cute little blond girl got really scared of the monkeys, she actually cried out and almost freak out when one of them ran over to her and started hugging her leg. Her mom and dad try to take away the wicked monkey and protect her from getting any scratches on her legs. It was the most adorable sight. :P

Here were monkeys everywhere!

I also saw monkeys snatch milk bottles from babies and start drinking from them, then toss them aside. I saw them stealing plastic bags from the ladies who came to worship Murugan then proceed to put it on and prance around before ripping the flowers to shreds and throwing them all over the place. Bad cheetah!

I even saw one who grabs a piece of biscuit from a child’s hand before proceeding to munch on it in front of the poor kid, leaving him in tears! So it’s definitely a good idea to keep hold of your stuff when going up, or even put it in a bag (just make sure they don’t take the bag).

After 10 minutes of heavy sweating and extreme dehydration, I reached the top! Upon reaching the topmost flight of stairs, you’re greeted with the incredible sight of the sunlight pouring in through the gaps in the rocks and a beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur from above. You will be rewarded by this magnificent view. 

Then, the first thing you see when you walk into the caves are all the god statutes everywhere, hanging on the rocks. There’s a small prayer area once you go a little further.

The cave was huge with several small shrines dedicated to other gods like Hanuman, the monkey king who helped Rama rescue his wife Sita from Ravana. (wikipedia). The temple is so impressive, with the towering limestone cliff walls and many Hindu statues embedded among the pillars.

One of the many colorful Hindu statues in Batu Caves.

I generally thought there was nothing other than the Petronas Towers in Malaysia that could quite catch my attention, I’m wrong! Batu Cave is incredible. Nevertheless seeing the huge statue was amazing with its impressive limestone. It was my first time to visit a Hindu Temple and the small statues were incredible. The Shrine is definitely worth a visit.

Here’s a little advice: don’t climb when your stomach is full and be careful with monkeys, they can be naughty and will snatch food. Bring extra set of clothes and tons of water!