Historical Trip to Conquer - “Corregidor”

September 21, Friday around 9:30pm, Hubby arrived at Home.

Hubby – Hon, gusto mong pumuntang Corregidor
Ako – Huh? Kelan?
Hubby – Bukas ng 7:30am (with a smile on his face)
Ako – Huh? Bukas na agad? Agad agad?

Okay, this trip is actually fortuitous. Why? Because officially, we are not included in the package. Ian’s officemate got a voucher for a whole day tour in Corregidor few months before our wedding, but since one of his colleagues had an emergency on that day, we replaced their slots.

We woke up as early as 6am, prepare our things and went at the CCP Complex to meet the group and board the boat that would take us to the Island of Corregidor. The Day Tour Package includes Round trip ferry transfers, shrine entrance and terminal fees, guided island tour and buffet lunch.

Here is the daily trip schedule.

Corregidor Tours:
-          Check in time  -  7am
-          Boarding time  - 7:30am
-          ETD in CCP  - 8:00am
-          ETA Corregidor (Guided tour with Lunch) – 9:15am
-          ETD Corregidor – 2:30pm
-          ETA Manila – 3:45pm

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The tour to the island is carried by Sun Cruises. They are the exclusive tour operator/management company of Corregidor since August 1988. Trip to the island is every day except during lean months or rainy months where trips are made every weekend only. The cruise is air-conditioned and approximately can carry up to 100 passengers. The trip from Manila to Corregidor took about 1 1/2 hour. You can take a nap, or watch a DVD movie in the LCD TV that they provided.
Welcome to Corregidor!
I've always known that Corregidor was a historical place as it played a big role during World War 2. It was discussed during our High school days and from that moment, I really got enticed to visit the place. Upon arrival at the island, we were transferred to trams for our guided island tour. They provided 8 available trams which you can chose from, English speaking guides, Korean or Japanese speaking guides. Don’t worry because each trams goes to different areas one at a time.

Image from Wikipedia

The tramvia. This is the ride that took us around the island. 

Honestly, I’m so excited to hear the story behind Corregidor; it’s like “balik-aral” or “field trip”. Interesting right?! Anyway, Corregidor also known as “The Rock”, a small rocky island for about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. The island is the home of many historical treasures, it is the world’s most bombarded island during the World War II.

Our tour guide “Tatay” (I’m so sorry, I forgot his name) is a very reliable when he went on telling the history behind Corregidor.  He is a tour guide for 30 years and I admire him because he really loves his job even though it’s tedious to tell the story again and again every day. I quite liked ours.

Our Tour Guide - "Tatay"

The island fortress stands as a memorial for the courage, valor and heroism of its Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during WWII.  Our first stop is the Middle Side Barracks that has strangely remained firmly rooted on its ground. It’s so amazing that those old ruined barracks really stood still in this place, ika nga “na preserve nila yung ganda ng barracks”.

We also visit the Battery Way, is a battery of four 12-inch mortars which named after Lt. Henry N Way of the 4th U.S. Artillery who died in service in the Philippines. It was constructed in 1904 and was completed 1914 at an estimated cost of $112,969.

with the Team!

Next is the Eternal Flame of Freedom, located behind the Pacific War Memorial Dome of Peace, and sits on a raised platform above a reflecting pool. This Structure was put in place to commemorate the recapture of the Philippine island by the United States in 1945. It symbolizes the Flame of Freedom burning eternally. It is also a reminder that all men will fight as one if needed to defend a nation’s liberty.

Eternal Flame of Freedom

Group Shot

Then, the Pacific War Memorial is built on the highest point on the island’s west side in honor of the Filipino and American soldiers during the war. You have to go in to find a breathtaking view. Anyway, there is a small opening on top of the dome that was aligned perfectly with the Sun, which every 6th of May the sunlight will pass through it and fall directly to the table. Amazing! Now, you will ask me why May 6? Simply because it was the day when Corregidor finally fell to the hands of the Japanese.

Our next stop is the Spanish Light House and Museum Complex. The light house is one of Corregidor’s oldest landmarks was established in 1853 to guide ships to the entrance of Manila Bay. It served as an alarm to Manila Bay during Spanish era to signal approaching galleons or to warn against enemies. The Lighthouse offers a great view of Manila Bay, the South China Sea, and the rest of the island. It is located at Topside and is said to be 628 feet above sea level.

Spanish Light House

Group shot again :)

Then, we had our buffet lunch at La Playa Restaurant located at the Corregidor Inn which offers local and foreign dishes to satisfy one’s craving.

Here are the other beautiful and spectacular sight to behold.

The park was dedicated to President Manuel  Quezón, the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth. 

This sculpture was dedicated to the Filipino Woman, recognizing their bravery and contribution to preserve our freedom during the war. 

The inscription reads: "Dedicated to the Filipino Woman, for her involvement in the many events in our history. But more importantly, served as a symbol of peace and inspiration to our gallant men in their fight for the preservation of our honor and freedom."

Filipino - American Friendship Park

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Filipino Heroes Memorial

"We Shall Not Forget"

“I Shall Return” the most popular and famous message that General Douglas MacArthur sent when he boarded a boat to Mindanao and then sailed to Australia. His statue can be found at the Lorcha Dock.

Lorcha Dock

Last but not the least, my favorite stop was the trip inside the Malinta Tunnel. However, an addition of Php 150.00/person for those who are interested to watch the Malinta Tunnel Light and Sound Show. It’s optional of course. For those who don’t want to watch it, they can just stay inside the tram. But since I want to try it and I didn't want to stay behind, hubby and I went to inside and enjoy the show. Of course, no one should not miss going inside.

Entrance of Malinta Tunnel

Inside Malinta Tunnel 
(The first part of the lights and sounds show; a voice discussed what the presentation was about)

Malinta Tunnel had been dug though solid rock and offered complete protection from artillery or air attack. It served as bomb-proof headquarters for Fil – American troops during World War II. It was originally designed to house huge quantities of ammunition, food and medicine supplies, it is also an underground hospital with a 1,000 bed capacity.
The Malinta Tunnel Light and Sound Show offer the narrated history of Corregidor and presented in 30 minutes. What I like is that there was even a simulated bomb explosion. BOOOMMM!!! For the first part of the light and sounds show, a voice discussed what the presentation was about.

Some of the dioramas being shown in the tunnel; 
the lights and the voice-over gave life to these presentations

A Philippine flag being raised as the National Anthem was played in the ending part of the show

Group Shot!

There are many things to do on the island if you plan an overnight trip, such as hiking, biking, camping, bird watching, ghost hunting, island hopping and other beach resort activities. Overall, our Corregidor trip was great and worth every centavos. I highly suggest you try it out too! It’s not just for the history lovers but it is also a nice adventure out of the city. By the way, recommend bringing of shades, sunblock and extra shirts. :)


Thanks to my husband for a beautiful shots! (watermark on the left side of the photo)