The Photo/Video/Photobooth: CD Worx Multimedia


Looking for photographer and videographer can be quiet overwhelming. There's just so many of them! On fact, we are very strict ion booking them since we are semi-photographer.. Nyahaha.. (Remember, we are both member of F21 Manila who already did photo exhibit in SM Novaliches which sponsored by Canon with the help of Mr. John Chua)

To be honest, Nice Print Photography was our first choice. Hiring a wedding photographer of some famous celebrities like Ogie - Regine and John - Pricilla, Kyla and Ritch is our dream. They gotten international acclaim for their work and from what I see on their facebook site, their photos have been consistently good. But upon looking at their price tag, it was just unreasonable. They were out of the question.

Every time we attend Bridal fair, we always scout for the BEST photo/videographer. We wanted to see their works before deciding, the actual wedding book, guestbook and even the On-site video we a lot 80% of our time watching those videos. We were carefully looking at aisles of both photo and videographers and their samples, some were good some weren’t all that bad but as I said, we are very strict and choosey, and for some reason or another, we just weren’t feeling that they are “THE ONE.” 

Until we saw CD Worx Multimedia’s booth, their booth was simple decorated and classy, they put their sample blow up canvass and the video sample was displayed together with their sample wedding album and as we looked at each one, we really amazed how they capture photos. Fun, creative, magnificent and simply the BEST! Their staffs are very accommodating, every questions we asked they are confident to answer it. But before anything else, we wanted to know the persons behind the success of CD Worx, and we found out that it was established in 2002 by husband and wife Bernard and Iris Medina. They started off as freelancers who continuously honed their craft in wedding photography until they created a style that is unique to them. Wow! Nice couple like us, same interest in life! Ian and I know that being husband and wife, they understand what other couples want from their wedding photo-video. As such, their trained photographers and videographers know also what and how to capture the most important wedding moments.

We were both excited to work with Iris and Bernard on our special day, I know they will capture the most important moments during our wedding ceremony it is when Ian and I profess our love for each other and make a vow of commitment to share the rest of our lives together. I know that CD Worx will go an extra mile to make sure that every single second is well documented.

Well, we have thoroughly reviewed CD Worx website and have researched on what other couples had to say about him, gladly all of them agree with what I am saying with CD Worx. We met up with Iris twice and have exchanged numerous text messages with her. Actually, she also sends me and Ian inspirational text messages every day!

Now, the pressure is yours CD Worx! Haha..

CD Worx Multmedia
Address: # 27 Shorthorn St., Project 8, Quezon City
Telephone Number: (632) 557-7222 / (0923) 300-1103 / (0915) 742-1328 / (0939) 590-0058
Contact Person: Bernard Medina / Iris Medina (