Single vs Married

Being married is happy but at the same time need more time for adjustment especially you will start your own family, more communication about your future, budgeting and for me (#certifiedwife) you need to know how to cook. Haha. You know what, I grew up with the family who loves to cook and eat. Halata naman ata sa itsura ng mom ko.. Hehe. My dad is a good chef; whatever we requested to him, he cooks for us without any hesitation. I’m just married for about 3 weeks and I’m still on the adjustment mode of being with my husband and his family 24/7. Here are some / partial list of my comparison of being single to being married.

1.       Single – I have my parents to cook for us especially my dad who always prepared our “baon” every day.
Married – I need to wake up as early as 6am to cook for our “baon”.

2.       Single – I paid for someone who can wash our clothes since we are all working during weekdays. (But ever since my parents taught us to washed our own clothes)
Married – I washed our own clothes, thank God my hubby is there to help me.

3.       Single – My transpo allowance for a day (House – Office and vice versa) is only Php 16.00. Well, I live in Makati near our office. J
Married –Now my transpo reach Php 95.00 per day. Huhu. I live with my husband at Sampaloc Manila.

4.       Single – I just got home from work in 15 to 20 minutes.
Married – I just got home from work after 1 hour. L

5.       Single – I have my own bed.
Married – I need to share the queen size bed with my husband. J

6.       Single – I paid for someone who will iron our clothes.
Married – I need to stay up until 12am just to finish our clothes to be ironed.

I know someday or should I say in near future, there are lots of changes that I will encounter and now I am ready to face these changes in my life. I chose this life and I love to live this kind of life with my husband. I know I can overcome all these ups and down soon, remember I’m just married last July 24. J

Anyway, I just want to share you my first viand that I cooked for my hubby. I called this dish “Adobo with a twist ala Rackell”. Well, I know the picture is not appealing but I swear as per my husband this is the best adobo he ate. Haha. If you’re asking me, why with a twist? Simply because I didn’t use any cooking oil, instead I used butter.

Adobo with a twist ala Rackell

Today for our lunch, I cooked my favorite meal “Sinigang na Baboy”.  I promised myself that once I got married, I make sure that I will serve my husband as long as I live and on my simple ways of waking up early and prepare for his breakfast and lunch I know my husband appreciate all my effort. 

My own version of Sinigang na Baboy

My heart jumps when he stares at me and whisper “Thank you honey for everything!” ♥♥♥ . Wow! Now, I’m so excited to buy culinary book to develop my cooking skills. Haha. #marriedlife