1st Wedding Monthsary

Today, we celebrate our 1st wedding monthsary! Whoooaa! I still can’t believe that we’ve tied the knot 1 month ago; it feels like yesterday when we give our best smile in front of cameras and videos. It also feels like we’re still a normal couple (bf/gf) who just fell in love yesterday and then got engaged. I can’t believe how fast this day has gone by. I could still remember how happy I am wearing my wedding gown while walking down the aisle looking at my very good-looking husband. I smile with teary eyes whenever I watched our onsite video (Glam.Ph and CD-Worx), AVP and our travel photos/video. Now, I’m so excited to our simple yet romantic wedding monthsary celebration tonight.

Mr and Mrs. Ian Villareal

Happy 1st Wedding Monthsary Honey!