My Bridal Shower (Part 1)

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. I'm so blessed that I experienced this kind of party with my closest friends. Super na surprised ako when they told me that they will threw a bridal shower for me. 

So here it goes, it happened last Friday the 13. Sabi nila malas daw yung araw na yun, either may bad news ka or puro kamalasan ang mangyayari sayo, well, siguro nga medyo naniniwala ako dito, you know why because that night super duper katakot ang ulan as in. I met my friends May and Mercy at MSE around 6:30pm, we are all scared because of the thunder and lightning. I swear nakakatakot sya, imagine we need to walk from MSE to Makati Ave since walang jeep or any transportation na daretso sa Center Stage. So I advise them to pray while walking, di ko na matandaan kung ilan beses kaming tumigil just to relax (nakakatakot kaya yung kidlat). I feel na talagang nag wo-worry na sila May and Mercy kung may makakapunta pa sa hinanda nila since grabe talaga yung ulan, I hear them saying "Sabihin nalang natin sa center stage na walang makakapunta para macancel na yung reservation" but Mercy insist na ituloy sya. (Thank you Mercy).

As soon as we arrived safe at Center Stage (Thank God), we seated at the couch for a minute while waiting for the others to arrived. We checked their menu cards and take some pictures (pampawala ng kaba). 
After few minutes, MJ with her BF arrive followed by Steph and then Kathy and Ola. 

Our room is good for 10 persons, I love the ambiance since we can do whatever we want to do. Mercy and May ordered for the group while MJ is having fun singing all night. 

Lumpiang Shanghai
Cream of Mushroom
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Sizzling Pork Sisig

Cge MJ kanta pa.. Haha
Wagas ang pagsayaw namin..

Dance Craze ng Super Bass

My bridal shower is simple, memorable, amazing and fun since I'm with my special friends who know me for who I am. I love them because they know what to do just to make me happy. We sing and dance together, we laugh and cry together and most important is that we are happy to be with each other again. Hello, tagal na kaya nung huli kaming nagkasama sama.. 

Aiza pose..  Hehe

After mad dance, Pose naman! Pose #1
Pose #2

Few minutes before we left the room, Kathy suggest to give their simple gifts to me (aba meron ng party, meron pang gifts.. sobra na yun ha.. hehe). 

With Ola and Kathy

Dito ba talaga to?! haha

with Steph

with Mercy

After that night, I realized that I'm so blessed for having such a wonderful friends around me. I know marami nga akong friends pero iba parin sila. Di man kami kumpleto that night, I know on my wedding day kumpleto na kami. 

I love you guys!

Steph, May, Ola, Kathy, MJ, Mercy and Me

Thank you guys for all your effort just to make my bridal shower possible. 

See you all on 24th!