Superstitious Beliefs (Bride and Groom)

When I was a kind and growing up, I always wanted to be a “JUNE” Bride, I really don’t know the reason why June is the best month in getting married. I told myself that when I found the right man to marry, I’ll suggest him that I want to be a June Bride too.  But here I am, getting married not June but July! Because it’s our anniversary month as boyfriend and girlfriend.  Haha. All of us know that months of June – September here in our country usually marks the raining season, well, we’re still praying that our wedding day be “rain free” but if God’s will shower us rain, it’s okay since we believe that it brings bountiful blessings to a marrying couple.

Time flies so fast, I can still remember how Ian proposed and how he asked for my parents’ permission, how we plan our big day and now we’re down to 39 days before our wedding day! It’s now easy to plan our dream wedding, there are times that I almost give up and say “ayoko na! wag na tayong magpakasal!” but still we handle our petty quarrels. 

As a bride, there’s a lot of superstition or pamahiin that we need to consider when we talk about wedding cultures in the Philippines. Even though there have no scientific or logical basis but maybe backed-up by some of past experiences of our grand grand parents.  

Let me share you some of my mom’s superstitions and belief before getting married which she applies to me. Some are still practiced to this day primarily because of there’s nothing to lose if we comply, right? while others are totally ignored fore it seemed downright ridiculous. Sometimes, I got mad because of this pamahiin, but there’s nothing wrong if I follow this since it’s for my own good anyway.

1.       As engaged couple we should avoid travelling before our wedding day to avoid accidents.
2.       I (bride) should not try on my wedding dress before the wedding. If I do it, the wedding will not push through.
3.       On the wedding day, the groom should arrive at the church before the bride, in order to avoid bad luck.
4.    Dropping the wedding ring, or the couple's veil, or arrhae during the wedding ceremony means that the couple will not be happy in their marriage.
5.       During the wedding ceremony a bride must step on her husband's foot in order to that both of them will agree on things that they will undertake, and so that her husband will not be cruel to her. (so dapat unahan ko sya,  baka matapakan nya ko eh.. haha)
6.       Throwing rice confetti at the newly-wed couple will bring them prosperity in life. I guess all of newly wed do this.
7.       Knives and other sharp and pointed objects are said to be a bad choice for wedding gifts for this will lead to a broken marriage.
8.       Giving arinola (chamberpot) as wedding gift is believed to bring good luck to newlyweds. (Kaya pala yung 1 officemate ko yun daw ang bibigay samin gift…Haha..)
9.       If it rains during the wedding, it means prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds. (Waahh.. pwede bang ambon lang para di naman hassle sa amin.. Hihi)
10.    A flame extinguished on one of the wedding candles means the one on which side has the unlit candle, will die ahead of the other.
11.   It is considered bad luck for two siblings to marry on the same year. (sukob)
12.   Breaking something during the reception brings good luck to the newlyweds. (so dapat magbasag kami ng mga pingan?)
13.   A bride who wears pearls on her wedding will be an unhappy wife experiencing many heartaches and tears. (eto talaga ang mahigpit na bilin ng nanay ko sakin kaya sya na daw bibili ng earings ko.. Haha)
14.   An unmarried woman who follows the footsteps (literally) of the newlyweds will marry soon.
15.   We should offer egg to Saint Claire and pray that our wedding day be “rain-free”
16.   Something “New”, Something “Old”, Something “Blue” and Something “Borrowed”


Something New – says new hope and positivity. (My wedding gown, wedding shoes, head piece)

Something Old – represents the life you are leaving behind. It has something to do with maintaining the connection from the past to your new life. (Oh my, wala pa kong maisip ditto, pwede bang old underwear?” haha)

Something Borrowed – should borrow something from someone who is happy because it’s like borrowing happiness so that their happiness will carry over to the couple. (How would I know if that person is really happy? Pano kung pretending to be happy lang sya?! Waahhh)

Something Blue- Color blue is a sign of fidelity, purity, loyalty and good luck. (For this one, maybe yung garter nalang ang something blue ko, fushia and purple motif namin eh.. hehe)

Well, if you are going to ask me kung sinusunod ko sya or susunod ba ko sa mga pamahiin I would simply say, "yung iba ginagawa ko and gagawin pero yung iba hindi (especially no. 5) haha."