My First Shot (HPV)

Cervical Cancer may not be something you’re thinking about at this point in your life. But it should be. It’s caused by certain types of a common virus called Human Papillomavirus or HPV. You are especially at risk for HPV during your teens and 20s – but you can get HPV at any point in your lifetime. And since cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths women worldwide after breast cancer, it’s something we should all be thinking about now.

There are certain types of HPV that you should we really know about. They cause the most cases of HPV-related diseases in women. For most people, the body’s own defense system will clear the virus, but when it doesn’t, certain disease can develop. There’s no way to know whether your body will or won’t clear the virus.

Now’s the time to do everything you can to help protect yourself against a virus that can cause cervical cancer.

What would I do to protect myself from cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases?

 Answer: HPV vaccination!

Schedule of Vaccination:

1st shot - December 2011
2nd shot - February 2012
3rd shot - June 2012

I took the first step before getting married and help protect my future!

Sorry, di ako nagpakuha ng mukha, kakatapos ko lang umiyak nyan.. Takot ako sa injection! :((