I'm Back!

After almost 2 months of not being active on my blog, I’m here again sharing my stories with the people who still believe in me.. There are 3 reasons why I didn’t update my site and here are the following:

  • Ever since I got engaged with Ian, I focus myself in preparing for our BIG day! Meaning, being hands-on in our wedding preparation is one of the greatest feelings I ever had as of today. From the big things up to the smallest thing I make sure that everything is perfect!
  • I don’t have camera! Yes! We used it as our backup in our photobooth business, and because of that, I forgot to take photos of our foods we ordered during our food trip. 
  • I know every blogger experienced what happened to me, lately there are some people who put me down on writing, and they post negative comments on my site which makes me feel sad. L I really feel depressed during those days, but with the help of my fiancée I overcome this feeling and he convinced me to continue what I’m doing, he also explain that there are people who will push me down and block my happiness but instead of thinking them which is just waste of time I rather be enjoy my life with my friends and love ones.
And another thing that makes me realized that I should continue writing and updating my site, yesterday I received a simple message at Facebook from someone I don’t even know at all. 

“hi! i came across your blog on my feat against boredom and i swear i've dedicated atleast 48 hours reading thru it Description: :Di had soo much fun and on some posts i swear i saw myself just going thru the same thing too, i decided to check your fb profile since it was posted there to ask why'd you stop posting?!Description: :( i kept checking hoping for a newer post pero wala Description: :(oh well...sorry if makulit Description: :(i was just soo happy reading thru it..im a hopeless romantic kce lol!:D sorry for going the extra mile and sending you a message like this i just can't help it lol i hope you dont get freaked out!:D btw, congrats on your engagement!:D

your new fan
Description: :D

After reading her message, I realized that I should continue what I’ve started because I know someone support my site. I’m not a good writer and even I’m not good in English but you know what I try my best to be a good one. After chatting with Ella, I feel her support and I know she believes in me and I’m so thankful for that. I know I touched her heart in a simple way and I hope that with the help of my site, I will found new friends like ella.

So for you Ella, thank you very much! I’m so excited to see you in person soon! Regards kay bf.. ^_^