The Proposal

♥ I just got engaged! ♥

Getting married is a journey and the road leading to marriage starts with the engagement. Traditionally, men propose to their beloved girlfriend with an engagement ring (1 piece of diamond ring), a practice which the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians started since according to them it symbolizes an everlasting love.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this to happened, but I know every girl feels like what I did. Unlike most couples, we’re already started planning our wedding event before there was any formal proposal, we already attended Wedding fair twice and even search for the church and venue via internet. I really get emotional while reading some beautiful wedding preparations, about their romantic love stores and unusual proposals. Well, after all the whole excitement of planning a wedding starts when the men propose to his soon to be wife. I dream to have a simple but romantic, unforgettable and unique wedding proposal ever since, because I want every girl desire what I had been experience.

I assumed Ian will ask me to marry him during our 4th year anniversary at Hong Kong since it was our 1st time together for an out of the country tour, but I’m wrong! He didn’t! Haha. Well, lesson learned, don’t expect too much! Haha. Instead, he said to me that everyone else would have an engagement ring, but he felt that I deserved something more unique and romantic wedding proposal, Wow! But I told him that a simple proposal suits well for a long-term relationship like us.

So here is the story on how Ian proposed to me. (cheezzy moment..) April 27, 2011 Wednesday, our 3rd day in Boracay when he ask me to marry him. Early morning when my friends Otep and Ruel decided to explore the resort, so Ian and I left behind inside the room. That day we planned to have our pictorial session, so after we dress up we opted to start our photo ops. Our first destination is the veranda, overlooking the white shoreline of Boracay. Like other photographers, Ian has hard time in getting the right set-up of camera when the subject is against the light and yes I’m his subject. He told me to sit down at the barrier for him to test his camera settings; it took almost 5-10 minutes for the trial and error which makes me irritable. Duh, it’s not easy to sit down while facing the heat of the sun and smile, but Ian told me that it’s not even easy to set up the camera. That time, I really feel upset because I want to relax and go off with that heat! 

Then, after a few minutes Ian approach me and whisper not to get mad. He also explains that he only wants to have beautiful photos of us. But during our conversation, I insist him to just sit down beside me and start our photo ops until he holds my left hand, knelt in front of me and present a small box with a ring and whispered “Honey, Will you marry me?”. I was totally shocked, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to react and I was surprised! I feel so overwhelmed with so much joy until I finally said “YES!” I cried, hug him tightly and tell “Iloveyou so much honey! Thank you!” Now this is the right moment to take our relationship to the next chapter.

Newly Engaged Couple.. (This is where he propose!) ♥
The Ring ♥

Now, a matchless engagement is entailed to an out-of-the-box wedding. We promise to have teamwork, for us to be able to pull off a simple yet classy wedding affair. Well, we have exactly 14 months preparation to ensure that everything ran smoothly on our big day!