Our first official FREE-Nup

After the proposal, we decided to join our friends in photoshoot. We agreed not to tell our friends about the proposal because we believe that when it’s time to announce our engagement, we want it traditionally by announcing it to those people closest to us like our parents. Honestly, I want to let people know about our engagement as soon as the ring is slipped on my finger but Ian might want to keep the moment private a bit longer.

Since we keep our secrets with our friends, we act naturally until Ruel suggests having pre-nup in the beach. Wow! (He has no idea about the proposal) This is it! What a coincident having a pre-nup right after the engagement. Haha. So here are some of our FREE-nup courtesy of our dear friends Ruel and Otep! 

The final teaser / draft invitation..

Credits to them! Thank you guys! Now, we’re looking forward for our next FREE-nup session!