Earth Hour 2011: It’s time to go beyond the hour

There are lot of things happened in our country nowadays, global warming, floods, heavy rains due to illegal logging and recently the disaster happened in Japan are some of the events that shown how fragile life is. Whether you are an individual, group, or community can show your support on our mother earth by supporting Earth Hour. This year’s Earth Hour proves to be even more important and significant since every individual has a challenge of solving the climate change crisis. Earth Hour 2011 aims to send message that we are responsible in our planet, well, you don’t have to be an environmentalist to know that our actions have a great impact on earth.

Our dear country, Philippines once again joins over one billion people all over the world that will switch off their lights for one hour from 8:30pm -9:30pm on March 26, 2011 Saturday. In this simple way we help save our mother earth and response to the environmental realities the world faces today.

Be counted!!! It’s as simple as a flick of the switch…

For the Planet.. By the People.

Go Beyond The Hour!