My V-Day Surprise

I’m proud to say that I’m a sweet and romantic girlfriend. I make sure that every day even without any special occasion I have surprises with Ian; Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary or even during the time when we had our misunderstanding. I want to express how much I love him by simple things like writing a letter, sending him cake in their office, sending endearing quotes or simply fetch him at their office, etc. 2011 is an exciting and challenging year for both of us since we are launching and officially open our new  business and planning for our future. 

Starting February 01, I’m so busy thinking and surfing the net for the most romantic way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. I even ask some of my friends if they have any new and unique idea about my plan. In the end, I decided to give him a bouquet of red roses courtesy of Island Rose which I ordered one day before they increase their price. Haha.I chose Grand Gala; this is deep burgundy flower variety with large blooms and long thorn less stems. According to their website, this is the popular choice among people with a large passion for life. Well, I bought this items to show my deepest affection with Ian. Sweet! I chose red roses since no other color can say “Iloveyou” except for red. This is also stands for noble values such as respect and courage other than passion. 

This is not the first time I sent him flowers in their office, in fact this is my 3rd time and my heart really burst out in happiness whenever he told me that he was surprised. Whoa!Around 11:20am, I received a text messages from Ian saying “Nagpadalaka pa ng flowers honey..Hayz! Gumastos ka na naman but nagustuhan ko sya and touch po ako, Thanks po” But I simply reply, “Happy Valentine’s Honey”. Ian told me that he’s so shy because his teammates were teasing him about the flowers. Weee!!! Over-whelming! Success! It’s was a great feeling when you found out that you make your love one very happy. 

Now, he prefers to leave it at the office to remind him about my special surprises. Haha.