X-Rider Experience

After we had our merienda, Ian and I start on to find my perfect dress for the wedding. We entered every girl's boutique as well as the SM Department store and after 2 hours of canvassing and fitting, I finally found my simple yet elegant purple dress. Thanks to Kamiseta for 50% off.

We walked on the passageway until we reach the Kids Universe. You will not notice this part since it was situated at the rear part of the mall. Since we both love new experience, Ian decided to try the 4D simulation ride,, the X-Rider. The X-Rider is a 4-D ride which can simulate all the thrills of the actual ride but on cyber space. It is a 4-seater mini theater showcasing 12 different educational and adventurous themes that will surely make every child and adult crave for more. In this ride, you can feel the vibrations as if you are in the scene and an actual participant. It has a movable seats and air jets to simulate other amazing effects and other movements. You need to wear these 4D eyes glasses to experience this amazing ride.

4D Eyes Glasses

While waiting for our turn, we enjoyed taking photos.

Perfect Match  ^_^

You can enjoy the 5 minutes 4D X-Rider for a price of Php 100.00 per person. Ian and I really enjoyed the moving coach with air and spouting water. They have different kinds of genres like horror, roller coaster, cosmic war, pre-historic, trip to forest, etc. Ian opted to try the newest episode which is the Underworld 3.

It's so nice that they installed a CCTV camera inside so that your friends and family can view your amusing faces in a television monitor installed outside the scene. Bring this 4-D adventure via X-Rider give us more quality time with each other and for every family who spend their weekends in the mall.

Ground Floor, Kids Universe
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Website:  http://xriderphil.com/index.html