8th Animo Run

Aside from Food Trip, Running is also one of our favorite things to do since we need to be fit and maintain our healthy body. Ian and I love to run, this is also our one way of bonding with each other. So yesterday, together with my friends we joined the 8th Animo Run hosted by La Salle University. We actually joined this event 3 years ago and now I'm a little bit disappointed with the organizers.Usually the standard 10km run starts around 5:30am followed  by the 5km run after 10 minutes then last the 3km run. However, in this run the 10km run starts around 6:15am while the runners for 5km run starts by 6:20am, in short they begins late. There are lots of Lasallian students as well as Non-Lasallian like us who participate in this big event.

before the run

Since I didn't practice before the run, I'm not satisfied with the result. I finished 5km run in 47 minutes. My goal is to finish it in 30 minutes but since my left knee was injured, it's so hard for me to run on my standard pace. We decided to meet at the finish line in order for us to get freebies, however we got disappointed again. We are expecting too much with the sponsors printed on the back of our singlet knowing that they will provide us at least one product from them but sad to say, only pocari sweat and chika.com gave these freebies.

with Gen and Ian after the run

Chika.com had a nice strategy in promoting their company, all you have to do is open your facebook account then like their web page and you will get either t-shirt or notebook. Well, i chose t-shirt while Ian got the notebook which in the end he personally gave it to me. So sweet!


After the run, we had our breakfast at Mc Do.

A very tiring Sunday morning but happy since we burn some fats. See you all on the next run!