Every girl dreams of her wedding day; when she is a princess for a day in a beautiful white gown, walking on rose petals and dancing with her prince charming. A perfect and romantic place, witness your special day with your family and closest friends and most important is being with a man of your dreams.

Last Saturday, Ian and I planned to do our usual date, it's been a while since the last we did it due to our busy work schedule. The first thing we do upon reaching Mall of Asia is to purchased tickets for the movie "I DO". Honestly, I really want to watch it even though I'm not a fan of Erich-Enchong love team. I'm just curious how the story begins and ends in a perfect wedding. I give you a synopsis of the movie and discover that in LOVE there is no such thing as the word "IMPOSSIBLE".

Mayumi Punong Bayan played by Erich Gonzales is a girl with a happy character in life who dreams of meeting her "The One" someday. On the other hand, Lance Tan played by Enchong Dee is a pure Chinese National which strictly practice their traditions. They met in one of their friends wedding and from that incident the two of them become lovers despite the refusal of their families to their love. They are so in-love with each other until one day, Yumi got pregnant and force Lance to marry her. Yumi's Family is very supportive in whatever decision they made while Lance's family is oppose about their plans about marriage since Lance is obliged to marry also a girl with Chinese descendants to keep the Chinese blood tradition. On the other hand, Yumi liked it so much to become Lance bride however, Lance had doubts on marrying Yumi. They encountered lots of problems to the point that they need to cancel and re-scheduled their wedding thrice but with the love that they showed with each other, the wedding finally come true.

After watching the movie, I realized that despite of trials and challenges that you as a couple will encounter, just hold your hands together, face it and always remember that your love with each other will help you survive and makes you stronger.

But wait, I need to ask you something.. Is marrying someone because of your baby worthy saying "I Do?"