Last Day in Hongkong

Sad to say but we need to packed our things since this will be our last day in HK. We had no choice but to wake up early and be at the airport 3 hours before our flight. Before we left our room, Ian hugged me tightly and says that he's very happy about our vacation; I also told him that this trip will remain in my heart forever.

@ HK airport wearing our disneyland shirt

This vacation helps us in calorie-burning for the reason that we need to walk a lot, but we're very thankful to have this chance to unwind and enjoy Hongkong at the same time Macau. I thanked God for giving me this opportunity to be with each other in celebrating our special occasion. I was also glad because I was able to experience how it is to be in abroad since this was my first time and I'm so happy since I spent that first time with my one and only love. There was not a minute and HK$ wasted in our trip. Generally, this was the best vacation as of this moment for both of us.