Third Day: Ocean Park, Symphony of Lights & Avenue of Stars

Like day 1 and day 2, we're very excited with our Ocean Park day! I've heard lots of good things in this place like thrilling rides, different attraction, amazing shows and of course the cable car, I know we will experience exciting activity for that day.

We woke up early and prepare for the things we need to bring; water, towel, camera, passport, tripod and pocket money. From Tsim Sha Tsui, we take MTR going to Admiralty station then we carried by bus 629 that will escort us to Ocean Park. After 25 minutes of travel, we already reached the park. Before we entered, we took some pictures of the Ocean Park from further view.

Welcome to Ocean Park!

We roamed around the park until we reached the Ocean Park Summer Splash, Flamingo Pond and the Talking Tree.

Flamingo Pond

Talking Tree

We also visit the Tai Shue Wan Escalator, Space Wheel, Raging River as well as the Mine Train where we got a chance to see the rides from a distance.

Tai Shue Wan Escalator

Mine Train

We also had a chance to visit the Pacific Pier to have a nicer view of the park.

The Pacific Pier

After having lunch, we watched the Sea Dreams at Ocean Theater, a 30-minutes show which played by talented marine mammals and trainers present a heartwarming and delightful spectacular about the dream of how human and animals could live together with love and respect.

We experience Atoll reef and the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium (Yangtze Exploration) for some additional knowledge about different kinds of animals under the sea.

happy couple ^_^

After roaming around, we took the cable car to go to the other side of the park. You can also try the Ocean Express Summit Station to the Waterfront.

Ocean Express Summit Station

This is my first time to experience cable car and I swear I feel a little bit nervous but at the same time blissful after that journey.

View from Cable Car

After a little walking, we got to the other entrance of Ocean Park. The first thing we go through was the How to Train Your Dragon Live, where you can have your certificate after the game like what we did.

Then we walked through the Sky Fair until we reached the Giant Panda Adventure where you will see a real big Panda.

Sky Fair

sweetest couple ^_^

Meet my Panda c",)

Lovely Panda

Before we left Ocean Park, we decided to ride the Carousel and have some picture taking at Häagen Dazs.

Carousel in action

A whole day at Ocean Park is not enough to check out everything they have in store. We had a great day in Ocean Park and also a memorable experience with combination of entertainment and education. After our adventure at Ocean Park, we planned to go back at hostel and leave some unnecessary things before we watch Symphony of Lights.

Symphony of Lights started at exactly 8pm which features lights coming from building across the harbor harmonized with the orchestra-like music from where we are seated. Imagine an orchestra where the players are the buildings and the lights are their instruments. Each building shows off a different character. We really enjoy watching lights dancing; Ian was too busy catching photos of scenery This is also an opportunity for us to do our favorite part, Picture taking.

We walked around the street until we reached the Avenue of Stars located at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. It was done to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of HK's film industry and also to promote their tourism industry.

Avenue of Stars

Enjoying the scenery @ Avenue of Star

After taking lots of pictures, we decided to have our late dinner and rest in preparation for our Macau Escapade the following day.



HK$ 230.00 / each - Entrance Ticket @ Ocean Park
HK$ 40.00 (2 pax) - Food for Lunch
HK$ 16.00 - Water
HK$ 130.00 (2 pax) - Dinner