The beginning of our journey...

In this blog, you will discover how Ian and I officially become one. Some words and events are too mushy, so be ready to shudder and be in-love just for a while.

Our journey started four years ago. Everyday is an ordinary day for me, same routine day by day; go off to office and work from 8:15am - 5:00pm, have some fun with friends all over lunch and break time then leave the office and go home early. During that time, I was ended up a relationship with my 3 years boyfriend and promised that I keep myself busy to forget the traumatic experience with that guy. I know it's not hard for me to forget him since we've been together since college days, I asked for God's help to give me strength to move on. Since then, together with my officemates we keep on hanging-out after office, watch movies and have some girls bonding. God is so good! He gave me something that will surely help me to meet some people all over the country. One day, our IT staff installed the software called "Skype" on every computer in our office. Skype is a software application that allows us to make voice calls over the Internet. In other words, they allowed us to chat during office hours. Yipee! I'm so so excited to use it, to meet new friends and to unwind just for a while when I feel stress.

After I signed up, I started to search for a new friends. I simply type the gender I want as well as the location and age then add them to my list, very simple right. I had my conversation with some guys and girls as well, exchanging of information, telling some stories about life and some of them became special to my heart. I remember one guy who keeps on calling me at our house and we talked for about 1-2 hours, I also recall when he send me 1 pasta, 1 solo size pizza and a drink from Greenwich to our office, he told me that I need to take good care of myself everyday that is why he send me those foods to eat. He looks very interesting to me but there is one thing that makes me realized that we're too different from each other. Let's forget about it.

One day, I send a simple "Hi!" to this guy in Skype. Out of no where, I don't know why I send this message to him, he didn't reply so I continue with my work then the following day I received a response from this guy, that day is the start of our meaningful conversation.The guy I was talking about is no other than Mr. Rhoderick Ian L. Villareal.

June 29, 2006 to be exact when I got a text message from him, a friendly quote; at that time we are exchanging quotes, a simple "Hi!", "Hello" and "How are you?", after a week of so-called getting to know each other stage we decided to meet personally. We both agree to meet at Mc Donalds in Pasong Tamo last July 08, 2006. Our plan was to visit and explore the SM Mall of Asia; this was my first time in the said mall that's why I'm so excited about this meet-up.

July 08, 2006 our most awaiting date. I texted him that I'm on my way to our meeting place and told him that I'm craving for French Fries and politely requested him to buy me one large fries. Haha. But before that I ask him what color of his shirt he's currently wearing, he answer "I wear white t-shirt.' Oh that's good, I love guys who wears white shirt because I see them clean and presentable. As I arrived at our meeting place, I already saw him near entrance, without any hesitation I sit besides him and say "Hello, kanina ka pa?" No formal introduction or even shake hands happened. For me, that time I feel that I already know him before. While eating my french fries, we decided to ride n a cab and go off to Mall of Asia to watch movie and have our dinner together. I don't have any first impression to him, all I know is that I'm safe and I can be totally be myself when I'm with him.

We arrived at Mall of Asia late in the afternoon, so we decided to watch movie first. Our agreement was he will treat me for dinner and I will treat him for a movie. We check for the list of movies on that day and settled to watch Superman Returns. Ian don't talk too much that's why I keep on talking to him and waits for his voice to blow up. Inside the cinema, I put my handkerchief n my mouth and told him that I will not talk anymore, but he's so sweet! He removes my hankie and start talking about something. While watching the movie, I know that he's the one for me although this was our first time to see each other my heart tells me that this guy will changed my life forever.

our official movie tickets ^_^

After watching movie, we opted to have some fun at Power Station. We saw a promo card that offers you to have personalized power card. I grab one so that we have a remembrance for our 1st meet-up and also to avail the promo that they offer. We played lots of games, car racing, air hockey etc. That day, I told myself that this guy was given to me by God as one of my greatest blessings that I should treasure for the rest of my life. I love his smile the way he cares for me and the joy that he brings to my life. I really don't know why I feel that to him even though we only just met for about 1 week; maybe because our souls already belongs to each other.

Since it's already dinner time, Ian decided to try tempura. It's a Japanese restaurant located outside the mall. I have no idea what to order so I asked Ian to help me in choosing my meal. While waiting for our foods, we have a chance to talk more and some picture taking. As you can see on our picture you will noticed that we are comfortable with each other, he keeps on calling me "Ma'am" and I call him "Bossing" that is our endearment for each other.

our first pictures together ^_^

Our tissue from Tempura Restaurant ^_^

After dinner, we make a decision to go home and have some rest; we ride on a cab and leave the mall with a smile on our face. Inside the cab, I lay my head on his shoulder and take a nap; I remember when he places his hands on my face to support my head. On that very moment I think I'm already in-love with him. I know and I feel that I don't want to end this night and be with him again, I know it sounds crazy but that is what I feel that night. Now I believe in what they called "love at first sight" but with a twist, for me I fall in-love just a couple of hours. Haha.

I remember the day when Ian picked me from office that was July 10, 2006. I assumed that he's also feels the same, he smiles at me and accompanied me at our house. Wednesday, July 12 when he picked me up again at our office but this time he buys something to bring for our house. I ask my sister to prepare dinner for us; I introduced him to my 2 sisters and to my dad, I'm so glad that they welcomed Ian in a very nice way. After our dinner Ian decided to leave the house since it's already late in the evening, When I accompanied him in our gate, he gave me this cute little box. He told me that I should read it alone, so after I fixed my things I go to my room and open it. I was really get surprised!

Ian's first love letter ^_^

It's a love letter, a very nice and personalized letter. I shudder for joy and I don't know what to say. He asks me if he could show his love for me, my heart beats fast and thinks again if I'm ready to enter into another relationship. But I love him and he loves me too so I think this is the right time to be happy and fall in-love again.

Because of his sweet letter, we started to go out everyday. We watched movies and have our dinner date. I remember the first night when he holds my hand; we are not officially that night for your information. We are watching Lady in Water when it happens, it's just he hold my hands then that's it. When I look into his eyes, he smiles and hold my hand tightly. I don't know if that is the right time to give my "YES" to him because he doesn't even ask me, so I decided to go with the flow. We do holding hands until we reached our house.

the night when he 1st ever hold my hands.. ^_^

I don't even realized that we will encounter problems that will affect our life forever. I texted him to stop courting me because I'm not ready to enter into a relationship, I don't know what bad whether comes to my mind to say that, I even tell him that I love him but too early to answered him. He pleased me and convinces me to stay, he told me that he really loves me and he will wait for me until the day that I will be ready. I know that he really feels sad about my decision; we didn't settle our problems that night which causes him to surprise me the following day. I received a phone call from him and informing me to wait for him at our house. I don't expect anything from him but since he asks me to wait for him, I did! I was shocked when I saw him n a cab with 1 dozen of red roses. As I entered in the cab, I saw sadness on his face, that he is really affected to my decision, he brought me flowers to express his love and be sorry for whatever he does hat made me mad, but I told him that he has done nothing wrong with me, that I feel sorry for the things I said to him. That day, we settled our problems and back to normal life again.

1st flowers he gave to me.. ^_^

After 2 weeks of courting stage, the moment that we are waiting for was about to happen. July 24, 2006 the heavy rains starts to fall, our office works dismissed around 3pm so my officemates choose to explore Mall of Asia. I texted him about the situation and he told me that he will followed us after his work. Grace, King, Ethel and I decided to stroll around the mall then have our early dinner at Greenwich. While waiting for Ian they keep on asking me when will I give my "YES" to him, I told them that when he take me at the church, that's the right time to say "YES". Finally, Ian arrived; I joined him to have his dinner and do some chitchat with my officemates. After dinner, Grace and King decided to visit Baclaran Church. I got nervous because I know this is the right time for me to be part of his life. Grace and King left us for a while; Ian starts to share his feelings to me. My heart beats faster, I ask him few questions and on that very moment he makes a promise, a promise that until now he keeps it. I only have simple favor on him that he will take good care of my heart and he will stay for me no matter what happen, I feel blessed when he take his vow in front of God that he will love me for the rest of our lives and promised me that I will be the only girl who will take him down the aisle. That night was the most memorable for both of us; this is the beginning of our journey together..

our picture before we finally became as "Honey"

We've been into many test and we face all of these with hold hands. He always there besides me, whenever I almost give up he give me strength, he is my best friend , my mentor and I know even when I feel so irritable he always give his extended patience with me, he makes me realized how beautiful the world is, I can be all by myself when I am with him.

We don't even care if we fart or hiccup while walking or even every after meal. We accept whatever our weaknesses we have because we know that this will give us courage to face it. He always makes me smile, he is my crying shoulder and I know when I feel hurt, it is twice for him. He doesn't want to see me in pain and I don't want to see him in pain too. Our imperfection does not make our love less instead it makes our love stronger. Now I know that I made the right decision and give my sweetest "YES" four years ago. I have to admit that I fell in-love twice, the first was with him and the second was with the person he became when he already mine.

Happy 4th year anniversary Honey!

Iloveyou so much! mwah!