Happy Birthday Jim!

Happy Birthday Jim!
I have partial information about Jim, but definitely all the facts that I write here are just my opinions and how do I know this guy. I remember the day that we ever first met, its way back year 2006. Ian decided to meet his closest friends and introduced me as his official girlfriend. At first, I refuse because I'm not sure if they will accept me as his new girlfriend but upon asking for my friends' advices, finally, I come up to a decision to meet them.

Let me check if my memory still in good conditions. Haha. We gather at National Bookstore in Mall of Asia around 7pm then proceed to Sbarro to have our dinner. It's Ian treat because he is the one who invites Jim and Mi-ke that time. My first impression to him was a very shy type guy but full of excitement in his life. Why do I say that?! Because that time he shares so many stories with us.

Like Biboy, we do lots of activities together.Food trips, movie marathon and of course, out of town. Maybe because, you can easily invite Jim as long as it's not conflict with his schedule. I also remember our 1st ever out of town together. Our Sagada-Baguio Escapade last Apr-May 2008. This is actually our 1st ever bonding moments.


Next trip was last April 2009, when we celebrate holy week at the same time his birthday at the island of Puerto Galera in the province of Mindoro. Since, he celebrate it with us, we convinced him to treat us for dinner. Haha.

swimming mode

Our third out of town with him was last September 2009 when we planned to try the Wake boarding in CWC.

Other than out of town trip, we love to eat.. eat..eat..

with his closest friends (Biboy, CJ and Ian)

I think he also wants to be a model someday. He like to pose..pose.. and pose..

But to sum it all, I love being his friend. I appreciate everything he does for us. I love being with him. I love the friendship that he gave me and lastly, I love him for accepting me for who I am.

For our amazing and jolly person in the whole world, Happy Happy Birthday Jim!

May all your dreams do come true, good health and of course, success in your life. Always remember that Ian and I really love you. Again, Happy Happy Birthday!