Bingo Bonanza

May is the month of Flores De Mayo and at the same time celebration of fiesta in some cities all over the Philippines. In our street, my auntie is the person in charge in organizing the 2 major events. Last year, we held Bingo Bonanza a week before our Flore De Mayo; the proceeds will be used for the foods of the participants in our yearly event. This year, they come to a decision to have Bingo Bonanza part 2; the cost of 1 bingo card is only Php 50.00 which is good for 10 rounds. We purchased 4 cards and join in this affair. It was so nice to see that the whole community participates in this occasion; you will see the smiles in their faces whenever the host announces the number. My whole family together with Ian join in this happening as well. Unfortunately, after 10 rounds we didn't win, but my uncle win on the 8th round, 1 piece of electric fan. Its okay with us, the important is we enjoy the said affair.

P. S
Sorry I forget to take photos since we are too busy in the game... ^_^