My work station

I've been working in First Datacorp for almost 2 years and 5 months to be exact. I work here as Administrative Assistant / Executive Assistant which is directly reported to the President of the company. Since my boss is the President of the corporation, my work station is at the side of his office. Sometimes I feel aloof because I don't have any seat mates in my place. I'm all alone for 8 hours; I have no assistant or companion in our department, so sometimes I need to walk for a while just to have some chatting with my friends when I'm on idle mode. Can you imagine my work station now?! Well, for you to find out here are some of my stuffs at my work place.

12 inch LCD monitor - which is only changed after my 1 year anniversary in FDC.

Starbucks tumbler from Japan - Ian's gift for me when he arrived last March 2009.

Telephone apparatus - which is usually rang every minute whenever my boss has a phone call. Of course, I need to know the caller first before passing it to him, that's my job remember.

Blue box - in short my storage box. It includes all the not so important documents like quotations, brochures, planner etc.

Table Calendar - this I usually put my boss schedule for the week. I need to organize his meetings and appointments as well as the dues for his credit cards.

Sign Here - This is one of the most important things in my desk.I usually put the "Sign here" in every documents that he needs to sign. Sometimes, he overlooked the documents so it's better to place the "Sign here" right.

Doraemon Puzzle- this is another gift from Ian. I placed it there to release my stress. I just look at his face and makes me realized that I don't own all problems in the world, so I keep on smiling afterwards.

Paper weight -of course, another gift from Ian. I just want it to be there because it makes me feel good whenever I saw our pictures together.

Picture frame - I remember one of my friend told me not to put couple's picture in the work station, because it will cause break up someday, but I don't believe it because I know if you already find the right person who will complete the other half of you, there is no such thing as a word "Break up". So I put our couples picture together with my family of course. I'm so inspire to work whenever I saw this picture frame, it makes me understand to work hard for them.

Collection of Love thoughts - gift from Yen last Christmas. Everyday, I used to pick up one to inspire me daily.

So for the final look, here are the pictures of my work place.

Now can you imagine working alone for 8 hours? By the way, my boss doesn't allow me to play music at all, so make sure your energy is still complete and you fight for the sleepy mode especially after lunch break.. Huhu..