Alice in Wonderland

We planned to watch Alice in Wonderland last Saturday. Since we both know that there are lots of people who will catch the said movie, I reserved our seats a day before our Saturday Date. After our lunch and do some window shopping, we decided to get the reserved tickets. Thank God that we made the right decision to reserved our seats ahead of time, the line are starting to reach the exit door in Level 4. Since our movie will start around 4:20pm, Ian and I continue our window shopping & look for our best swimming attire for summer. Finally, we came up to a decision that we will purchase our swim suit in Speedo soon. Around 4pm we decided to enter the cinema to watch for some commercials and screening of the upcoming movies, but before that, the movie will not be complete without popcorn and drinks.

Popcorn (Buttered Flavor) Php 50.00

Bottled Water 500ml Php 30.00 / 350ml Php 22.00

I've heard so much about the story of Alice in Wonderland, I remember myself, reading some books way back Elementary days; hence, I already have an idea on the movie. Ian and I got bored while watching the movie,maybe because we don't watch it in 3D. But maybe we are expecting too much and compare it in the AVATAR movie.

Some of the major characters in the stories:

Alice: She has a wonderful dream about changing the size and meeting various strange creatures underground in Wonderland. Alice is inquistive, small, guillable and ready to accept the impossible.

Queen of Hearts: The savage, domineering queen whose realm includes the garden. She is literally a playing card. She constantly issues order behead someone or other. Alice doesn't like her at all. The Queensend Alice to meet the Gyphon and the Mock Turtle. At the trial , the Knave of Hearts is accused of stealing her tarts.
Mad Hatter:
A hatter who continually has a tea with the March Hare and the Dormouse because for him it always six o' clock (tea-time). He quickly offends Alice. Two months before meeting Alice, he gave a concert for the Queen that end badly. He is called as a witness at the trial of the Knave of Hearts.
We ended up our date with a simple dinner at Reyes Barbeque with special dessert at Red Mango.
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