True Friend: Stephanie M. Ngo

"I've still been searching
And long I have waited
For someone to like me as me
To laugh with
To cry with
To be just beside with
A friend that's who I need..."

"Farewell to you my friends,
Well see each other again
Don't cry cause it's not the end of everything
I maybe miles away
But here is where my heart will stay
With you, my friends, with you.."

What is good in saying goodbye? Actually, this is the 2nd time that I said farewell for a friend in FDC. I remember when Rein leaves the FDC and have her own life as a Manager in Mc Do. Then, recently, another good friend of mine need to leave us again for her career growth. This girl, I can say is one of the best. At first, I though we cannot be as close as we are right now but since we have so much in common we became closer as I'm not expected.We love to laugh,

we love to run

OctobeRUN (October 26, 2008)

Animo Run (November 23, 2008)

PSE Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya (January 18, 2009)

Run New (February 23, 2009)

and we love to make fun.

@ Glorietta 4 (October 08, 2008)

@ Pancake House.. (Nov 28, 2008)
Rica's B-day Bash ( March 14, 2009)

Victoria Court (November 28, 2009)

She is my running buddy and our dear president of the running club. I miss those days when she walks in the corridor and suddenly heard her voice saying "Racks!". Haha. I miss the way she smiles, the way she open her mouth that even an elephant can enter. Haha.

Her trademark... haha

I miss the way she looks at me, the way she approach me to look for the Expanded Calendar and check if Sir Raymund or Sir Jorge is available for meeting on this day on this time. I miss her asking us if we are all available on Friday night just to watch movie or even just have some food trips. I miss her telling some chismac and laugh out together. I miss the way she shares her love story problems and still expecting that one day she will file for SL. (You know what I mean guys!) Haha.. I think, to sum it all I really miss one of the most important person here in FDC. Now, I am asking myself, do I still find true happiness to stay here even without her. Maybe, YES! Because I know I still have some true friends with me here that I can say who will not leave me until the end of the battle, that still understand my childish attitude, who still listen to my unstoppable stories about anything under the sun but still our group will not be complete without Steph!

Steph, thank you for everything. For the knowledge you've shared with me, for the tears and laughter's we've shared. I know our friendship will not end here in FDC and someday we will see each other again.

I really miss you Steph!

Steph's last day
Celebration @ SOMS Noodle House

Thanks Ezer for the nice shot!

SOMS Noodle House
5921 Algier St.,
Poblacion Makati City