Love of my life

I think I will be so stupid girlfriend if I'm not proud of with my boyfriend. All of my friends, officemate, relatives as well as my family know our relationship. We started at a simle "Hi!" in a chat, getting to know each other, courting stage and of course the "YES!" moment. If you will ask me about Ian, I think 1 day is not enough to describe him. It's simple as "He is the love of my life!" I can't imagine my life without him, we have so many problems encountered but we faced it with hold hands. The major challenge for both of us was when he assigned in Japan for 8 months. Take note, it happened TWICE!

Karuizawa -Japan

Hhhmm.. Thinking of me.. (Isesaki - Japan)

We celebrated our 1st anniversary, my birthday Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, New year's Eve and other major events in chat room. It's really difficult to celebrate it all by ourselves . But he always reminds me that it's for our future and we can overcome this challenge that happens to our relationship.

look at our smile..

For the past 3 years and 6 months to be exact, our love goes deeper and deeper. Our feelings for each other doesn't dies out, instead it grows stronger. We know our strength and weakness, our limitations, our future plans, to follow our dream to work together outside the country and our major promise that we will settle down at the age of 28.

1st ring he gave me @ Cloud 9 - Antipolo

2nd ring he gave me during our 2nd anniversary @

Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Ian is super sweet guy; he always makes me laught eventhough sometimes I refuse to smile. Here are some of his attitude:

1. When he is coming, he always gives his killer smiles with a sweet kiss

2. He prefers holding hands

3. He always want walkathon

4. He always squeeze my hands (Silence of telling me "ILOVEYOU!")

5. He always kiss me in forehead

6. When we are in the restaurant, the 1st thing he do is to order soda and drink it before eating.

7. He always tell me corny jokes

8. He don't want to talk for the past

9. Rather he prefer to discuss for our future

10. He always kiss me and hug me tightly while saying "Honey, Iloveyou so much!"


This valentine's day, I prepared some surprises for him. I hope he like it, it is my one way of expressing my love for him and be sorry for everything I've done that made him cry. I love him no reason why I love him. I am proudly say that my love for him is "UNCONDITIONAL!". Iloveyou Honey!