Our Wedding Trip

We both know that planning our dream wedding is hard and not an easy task but at the same time exciting,especially if you're both hands-on for the preparation. From ocular visit, food tasting, attend bridal fair, signing of contract until personally met your DREAM team. This is also a journey that entails a lot of decision-making, budgetting and planning but this is a stage that every bride and groom must enjoy, like what we did!

Guys, please allow us to share with you through our wed-site how our love story starts, our journey and preparation until the day of our Wedding Day! Please bear with us as we try to share every detail of our much awaited dream wedding.

Marriage  is not only the beginning of a relationship but also the end of a life  long search for the other half of your soul. ~ Roberta Schwartz

About US ♥

Getting married is a journey. New challenges, new task and new life.

But before anything else, of course you need to know us first. Haha.. So here are some simple facts about us.. ^_^

The Groom (a.k.a The Photographer)

  • Name: Rhoderick Ian L. Villareal
  • Nick Name: Ian
  • Birthday: August 14, 1984
  • Graduated from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree of  Computer Engineering
  • Currently working at Oberthur Technology as Software Engineer 

The Bride (a.k.a The Super Model)

  • Name: Rackell M. Lumberio
  • Nick Name: RN
  • Birthday: January 03, 1985
  • Graduated from AMA Computer University with a degree of Information Technology
  • Currently working at Friendster Philippines Inc. as Operation Manager and Purchasing

Where we met: SKYPE ( Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.)

When we met: July 08, 2006 Saturday

Where we met: Mc Donalds, Pasong Tamo

Activities: Watched Spider Man, Dinner at Tempura and Play time at Power Station (MOA)

Officially became a couple: July 24, 2006

Official Engagement
: April 27, 2011 Wednesday

Location: Boracay Terraces, Station 1 Boracay

In this portion, you will discover how Ian popped-out the magic question.. ♥

@ Boracay Terraces (Veranda) he held my hand and put the ring in my ring finger and then the magic question finally popped-out!  He said, "Honey, will you marry me?!" weeehh... (Video to be uploaded soon!)

The ring ♥

Newly engaged couple ♥

Our Wedding Date ♥

Choosing our wedding date is so easy for us, we only have one choice. This date is very special for both of us since we’ll be celebrating our 6th year anniversary as a couple.

Our Pre-nup ♥

In keeping with our travel theme, we decided to do our pre-nup at NAIA. Yes! in Terminal 3.

Our Dream Team ♥

We wanted our wedding to be as personal and as heartfelt as it can be..

Hhhmm...  Actually there is no such thing as a dream team in wedding but we decided to make our very own dream team.  Each supplier has their strengths and weaknesses.  Ian and I maximize each of their strength and work around their weaknesses to make our BIG day memorable. The secret is Communication via text, call or email, we are blessed to have suppliers who are very accommodating on our need. We believe that we need to exert more effort to have an organized and beautiful wedding.  They do not only become a dream team to us, they also become our friends in facebook, textmates and even followers on our wed site.

Our DIY Projects ♥

They say a wedding is a reflection of the couple's personalities. We don't know if this is true for all weddings. But for us, we consciously believed in this.

From day one of our engagement, we carefully thought of the concepts we want for our wedding. Our vision is to have a simple, romantic, organized, memorable and beautiful wedding event. We promised to work hard on this concept (take note: we have office work from weekdays and photobooth event during weekend - hectic schedule) even though it'll be for just a one-day affair plus.. Anyway, when you say "Beautiful" wedding it doesn't necessarily mean an expensive one, right?

So what a better way to cut down our costs is to do the designs on ourselves. We present to you our DIY stuffs / designs for our wedding.

Our Personal Vows ♥