Our Journey Towards Parenthood

This is our journey into conceiving our first-born and (hopefully soon) parenthood.

The Beginning! ♥

Follicle Monitoring! ♥

Visit to Padre Pio! ♥

Answered Prayer! ♥

First Father's Day Celebration! ♥

First Trimester Challenge! ♥

10 weeks! ♥

Hello 2nd Trimester! ♥

It's a Healthy Baby Girl! ♥

Her First Kick! ♥

Daddy's Girl! ♥

Stay Healthy! ♥

Perks of Being Pregnant! ♥

Our Baby's Health (Quick Updates)! ♥

Top 10 Questions About My Pregnancy! ♥

Baby's First Stuffs! ♥

Congenital Anomaly Scan! ♥

Daddy's Love! ♥

24 weeks! ♥

Baby Company (Mom Card) ♥

26 weeks and 4 days ♥

Rhian's Kick ♥

Hello 3rd Trimester♥

Challenges in Third Trimester♥

Rhian's First Baby Photos♥

First Letter to Rhian♥

BTS - Maternity Photo Shoot Session♥

Maternity Photo Shoot Session♥

Baby Product - Smart Steps♥

8th Month♥

My Simple Prayer♥

37 Weeks♥

Rhian's Belongings and Nursery♥

Rhian's Baby Shower♥

Welcome Baby Rhian Kelle L. Villareal♥

Nine Months♥

Mother's Love♥

My Wonderful Birth Story♥

My Baby Blues / Postpartum Experience♥

Priceless Moments♥

Proud Mommy♥

The Joy of Being a First Time Mom♥

Our First Family Mass♥

Labor Date with the Family♥

First Mother's Day Celebration♥

Preparation for Rhian's 1st Solid Food♥

Another Milestone (Stand)♥

The Crazy Things That Happen When Dad Takes Care of Her Daughter♥

Showing her first tooth♥

Preparing for Rhian's BIG Day♥