Product Review: Carefor Baby Products

Ever since I became a mom, I make sure to give the best for my babies especially on the products that I will going to use for them. Alam nyo naman ang skin ng babies, super sensitive kaya dapat wise tayong mga mommies. Rhian has a very sensitive skin according to her pedia so she advised me to use products that most of the ingredients are natural, hypo-allergenic, soap-free, dye-free and alcohol-free so when I received an email from Lazada that they are going to send me baby products for review, I immediately check the company profile and accepted the challenge.

Eastern Rising Sun International Company (exclusive distributor of Carefor Baby) is a 100% Filipino-owned company engaged in the business of importing and distributing baby items since 1970. The company started importing baby bottles and nipples from Taiwan and Japan. The company's main goal is to provide mommy and baby with excellent quality products from the different parts of the world and to achieve this, it has made sure that all the brands that it imports are leaders in their respective country. All these brands (Ainon Baby, Smart Babies, Pengo and Carefor Baby) passed not just the Philippine BFAD standards but also that of EU and US FDA standards.

Carefor Baby is a complete range of skin and hair care products for babies and mothers which includes body wash, lotion, shampoo, cleaning solutions, function treatment lotion and insect repellent. It is safe and has no AES material, formaldehyde and dioxin contents, meaning the ingredients are all natural, alcohol-free, soap and dye-free and hypo-allergenic, making it ideal for baby's sensitive skin.

Now, let's discuss the products one by one. 


Carefor Baby Olive Oil has all natural nourishing and relaxing ingredients ideal fro massaging baby's sensitive skin. It contains the skin-soothing properties of Squalene, the natural moisturizing properties of Olive Oil and the nourishing property of Vitamin E. It is the perfect massage partner for mom and baby.

I used this oil to my new born baby, I apply few drops on her legs, tummy and arms then massage it every night. Wow! After I put some oil, ang sarap at himbing ng tulog nya.


This is mom's natural and gentle solution for cleaning baby's hair and scalp. It is enriched with natural moisturizing factor, Chamomile essence and Vitamin E. It's pure, mild and tear-free formula makes it ideal even for newborn babies who have the most sensitive skin and scalp. It is soap-free and pH balanced making it suitable even for daily use.

I love the smell and the fact na mabula sya and super lambot ng hair after using it. I used the shampoo for my babies (20-month old and 1-month old).


This baby lotion is the ultra-mild and specially designed for new born babies and adults with sensitive skin. It is rich in Oat Amino Acids and Vitamin E that deeply nourishes baby's skin. It also contains Squalene that makes the skin soft and smooth because of its similar configuration with baby's skin lipids. Carefor Baby Lotion revitalizes skin from the inside to make it healthier, softer and smoother on the outside.

Having a very active toddler, putting a lotion is not advisable especially this kind of weather. Maglalagkit lang lalo sila dahil sa pawis, but when I tried the Carefor baby Lotion, walang kalagkit lagkit ang katawan nya plus I like the mild scent which is very suitable for infant and toddlers.


This product is specially formulated to be soap-free, tear-free and pH balanced suitable for daily use even by newborn babies. It is enriched with natural moistening factor and milk proteins that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Its creamy soft wash formula helps nourish, soften and protect baby skin from dryness.

Look at my panganay, she's enjoying her bath time using the Carefor Baby Milk Bath. I don't worry too much about the bubbles since its tear-free so safe for her to play with it.


The Carefor Baby Hair and Body Wash is the perfect way to bath and shampoo in one  go. It gently cleanses and protects baby's sensitive skin with its' pure and milf, soap-free, dye-free and hypoallergenic formula. It is enriched with hydrating factor of Chamomile essence for a more moisturized and softer hair and skin. This product ensure a happy bath time for baby because of its tear-free and pH balanced formula. Very safe and ideal for daily use, that's the Carefor Baby.


Carefor Baby Powder is enriched with Honeysuckle Essence that helps absorb dampness and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable. It also soothes chaffing and skin irritation caused by prickly heat.

By the way, I put Carefor powder to my daughter in the morning, after bath, afternoon and before bed time.


Nappy rash is a very common skin condition for babies and can be a distressing for parents, so it's advisable to use nappy rash cream to protect and soothe your baby's skin. 

This nappy rash cream is the best solution to irritating rashes and chaffed skin. It is enhanced with pure Petroleum Jelly and anti-rash factor that form a gentle barrier to protect baby's tender skin. It is smooth to apply and wipes off easily, leaving delicate skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable.

You need to clean the diaper area, and allow to dry, apply the Carefor Baby Nappy Rash Cream liberally with each diaper change, especially at bed time or any time when expose to wet diapers may be prolonged.


This product is very important today because of the Dengue Outbreak. The Carefor Mosquito Repellent Spray is an ideal companion for babies and adults alike to ward off dengue-causing mosquitoes. It's unique blend of natural plant insecticides make it ideal to use even for babies. It has no deet or any harmful chemical that can irritate the skin so it is safe to use.

If you want to buy these baby products, the company is already supplying in Lazada, Baby & Kids, Kuku Duckbill, Fisher Mall Department Store, SM Baby Co., Robinsons Department Stores and Supermarkets, Rustans, Shopwise and other boutiques.

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